29 Mar 2015

I was invited last week to a seminar organised by a Forever living product distributor.I was impressed by their range of skincare products.Some of their products caught my eye. I never really knew that they had such products. Basically, there is the normal Forever skincare range as well as the skincare by Sonya(all in  the same family) which boasts of organic and Aloe based moisturizers, toners,cleaners,spa kits and facials.
Though a bit pricey, its guaranteed to give you a younger looking and beautiful skin.
Some of the products which I fell in love with, include:
1. Fleur de Jouvance-


A spa kit that consists of an activator, mask powder,rehydrating toner,recovery night creme,aloe cleanser and firming day lotion. It's really an all in one pack.

2. Aloe Vera Range-

Consist of a sunscreen with SPF 30, moisturizer and Alpha E factor (consist of Vitamin E).

3. Marine Mask-

A hydrating and nourishing mask that's made of sea shells and others.

4.Sonya Skincare Range.
One product that really got my attention was their aloe vera drink.

The presenter got two glasses of water mixed with iodine and she added a cap of the drink to one glass. Immediately the colour of the liquid changed and became transparent. She mixed a part of the clear liquid to the other glass and it also cleared and became clean.
Their make up range is also nice. I tried the mineral and compact powder. It was exactly my shade. No grease at all.It was also very light on my face. Felt as if I used a translucent powder.

I think their skin care range is a nice one. I never knew they had such products.
The only downside is the price of their products. Its quite expensive and only those who have such amount to spare might buy the products but the products are worth having at home.
Anyone interested in any of their products should contact me through the numbers on the contact page