12 Jul 2014

The dark skin is usually one of the easiest skin complexion to take care of as well as one of the hardest.
The secret to having a gorgeous ebony complexion is just MOISTURISING.
When I saw Lupita Nyong'o on Vogue Cover,I was thrilled. Her complexion was the first thing that drew my attention. It was clean,clear and beautiful.
Contrary to what most people think,an ebony complexion requires the same skin regime/care as a light skinned complexion.
An ebony skin is equally susceptible to sun burns,acne,pimples as a light skinned person. Though it is usually not visible like the latter.
Scars fades faster due to the level of melanin in their skin.
But one thing most black skinned people never seem to realize is once you start altering your skin colour with the use of harsh chemicals, it becomes practically impossible to return to the original skin tone.
It would require patience and loads of care to get back to the former skin tone.
Cocoa Butter products and Moisturizers are usually the best bet for this complexion. Cleansing, exfoliating and toning shouldn't be left out of the skin care regime so as to get a younger looking,healthier skin.
Also, going to the spa once in a while would certainly do much good.
I also think a basic knowledge of make-up application is needed, so as understand your skin tone better and know which shade of colour suits one best when it comes to applying makeup.
Most dark skinned people in a bid to look fairer use wrong shade of foundations,eye pencils, lipsticks and so on,thereby making them looking so odd. Lol
Basically, I am a sucker for dark skinned guys like Lance Gross.... Lol.
Remember,our skin is our natural covering in life ,so let's take care of it.