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Welcome to Sozaya Studio.

 Sozaya Studio is an online learning platform where students are taught different recipes,  as well as the commercial aspect of skincare. This would be used to access videos and courses. Students are also awarded certificates on completion of course, assignments and projects. The course outlines have been revised and updated as well.
Our classes have been structured into two segments:
Beginners Class
Advanced Class

These are the course outline for the beginners class


Understanding how a basic formulation is created and structured.
Basic skincare cleansing
Basic normal clewansing
Oil cleansing 
Herbal skin cleansing treatment
Double Cleansing
Triple Cleansing

*Principles of exfoliation Types
*The combo method.

*Moisture treatments. Based on skin types Based on skin concerns
*Healing moisture treatments
*Moisture and the skin barrier
*Healing a damaged barrier.

*From The elements. Sunscreen 101
*Sunscreen supplementation and the sunscreen diet!
*Antioxidant protection
*Ancient protection methods

(Basic sample formula's)
Facial oil products
Oil blends
Milks- Whitening, Brightening, Glow
Butter Blends
-Cold process and Hot Process
-Shower gels
-Black soaps
Oil Formulation
-Organic-Glow and lightening serums
-Promixing-Whitening and Super Whitening oils and serums
Fee: Formerly 10,000 naira
Now: 5,000 Naira

If interested in this class, kindly make payment here

This is the course outline for our advanced class.In the professional classes,  we try to find how much idea of the craft, our intending students has before recommending various plans.

 We recommend this plan for those who want an in-depth understanding of how promixing works. We educate you on how to mix properly to get noticeable and clean results. This  is also for those who intend having a luxury skincare brand, as some of these recipes are better suited for the luxury niche.

Course Outline:

PART 1-Professional mixing a.k.a pro-mixing

-Safe pro-mixing principles
*do's and dont's of professional mixing
*bases formulation-the importance of bases in professional mixing
*basic bases
*unique bases
*universal base cream.
*whitening base cream.
*glow milk base cream
*repair base cream.

-Formulation Proper
*kojic acid+lactic solution
*salicylic acid solution
*face creams and soap blends
*glow creams blends
*golden tone blends
*lightening cream blends
*whitening cream blends
*whitening oils blends
* super whitening combos
*treament oil blends
*whitening soap  blends

PART 2-Organics Formulation
*masks (leave-on)

PART 3- Treatment formulas and Extras
*treatment formula's. (from scratch)*
*stretch marks
*hyperpigmentation dullness
*the blackies (black knuckles, knees, feet, & elbows)
*how to mix store bought products for ultimate results
*skincare kits-learn how to package your products into kits and sell.
*learn how to rebrand effective products and resell at amazing prices

PART 4-Supplementation
*Skin Enhancing supplements plan
*Skin whitening supplements plan.
*Rebranding skin enhancing supplements.
*Personal Tips for Best results.

PART 5-Logistics and Marketing.
Getting a lab.
Setting up Funding
Packaging- Function and aesthetics
Finding out and conquering your niche
Learn how to market your brand effectively

PART 6-Sourcing equipment, ingredients and exotic rare actives
-Importation guide
 Learn how to import raw ingredients from different places in the world
 Get our ultimate vendor list to help you get started on your skincare journey.

Fee; Formerly 20,000 Naira
Now: 10,000 Naira
If interested in this class, kindly make payment here

Duration:3 weeks


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