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Having full and long natural hair is a dream for most black women. On this side of the world, factors such as weather conditions can inhibit hair growth and contribute to hair loss. As a result,  most of us have had to depend on wigs and extensions,  as alternatives.

The secret to having longer and fuller hair depends on careful handling of your hair such as washing and keeping it clean regularly. If you have natural hair,  it is also quite necessary to use natural hair treatments which can boost hair growth and volume. Some of these treatments are quite expensive but really do work. In this post,  I would be posting about inexpensive and Do-It-Yourself treatments which can be done by using ingredients from home.

Some of them include:
1. The Rice Water Treatment 
2. The Onions/Garlic Treatment
3. The Cow/Camel milk Treatment

1. Rice Treatment
Rice milk helps make the hair softer and easy to comb. Hence it prevents breakage and helps conditions the hair deeply.
1.  Parboil your rice with some water in a pot. 
2. Allow the rice to soften a bit and pour into a blender.
3.  Blend till turned into a puree and pour into a strainer or clean white cloth. Place a bowl underneath the strainer or white cloth.
4. With the hands, knot the ends of the cloth to prevent the rice from spilling into the bowl.
5. Squeeze to extract the milk from the rice puree.

Using your hands, apply the milk into your hair and massage into your scalp. Wear a shower cap or a plastic bag and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water.

2. Onions/Garlic Treatment.
It is no secret,  that onions/garlic helps in hair growth and reduces hair loss.
Blend about a handful of garlic and onions into a puree.
Sieve to get the juice.
Apply the same way as the rice water.
Rinse off with a nice smelling natural shampoo to remove the smell and odour of the garlic.

3. Cow/ Camel milk treatment
This recipe calls for fresh cow and camel milk. This treatment makes your hair softer, reduces hair loss and longer, because of its high protein content.
This recipe calls for 
Guar gum-50ml, 
Some hair nourishing oils such as Castor, Rosemary and Tea-Tree-1 tsp each
Camel milk-150ml
Mix everything in a bowl and whisk with a hand blender. The mixture becomes less runny and can hold in hair.

Apply the same way as that of the rice milk treatment above. Wash with an organic shampoo.

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