The effects of an attack spurred my interest in skincare- Onyx Claire Organics

5 Dec 2019

Onyx Claire is a skincare brand established in 2019 at Lagos, Nigeria. The skincare line boasts an array of natural skincare products as it is strictly an organics based brand. We caught up with the C.E.O -Grace Oliver and this is what she shared with us. Enjoy.

 What is the inspiration behind your brand?
When I was a teenager... I had always fantasized about having a cosmetology boyfriend (smiles). But, then in 2017, as a final year student in University of Benin, Edo state Nigeria. I was attacked on my way back to my hostel. My face was badly injured... The need to heal in time led me to start searching for products that are not harmful but get my face cleared off without leaving any scars. This was what led me to going into organic skincare. 

What products can you find in your skincare range?
You can find skin glowing lotion, scrub, soaps, skin lightening lotion, scrubs and soaps, toners, cleansers. I also make face creams that work effectively for acne.

What challenges have you experienced in your business so far and how have you handled them?

One challenge I faced was buying original oils. I didn't know where to source from as what I was seeing were the adulterated ones. But I didn't relent and continued asking until I was directed to a supplier who sells unadulterated versions. Fear of acceptance also held me back from launching out initially. I was scared about not selling but to the glory of God, the response has been encouraging.

What do you enjoy about this business?
 I like the fact that I am able to meet people's needs and I get paid for it๐Ÿ˜

How do you majorly market your products?
I know the space is wide but I have a small target audience where I channel my energy to and I also advertise on my social media platforms

What advice would you like to give out to upcoming beauty business owners?

My very advice is to start out which ever you can and keep improving on yourself daily... Immerse yourself in the business... There would be tough times but quitting should not be an option

You can contact Onyx Claire Organics on:
Facebook: Grace Onyinyechukwu Oliver /Onyx-Claire Organics
IG: @Onyxclaire_organics
Call or WhatsApp: 08084629437