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With the love and the craving of a whiter skin everywhere, the dark skin is usually ignored as most articles or skincare companies usually produce more products for a whiter skin. Regardless of that, I have seen people with gorgeous dark skin that often leaves me craving for it. It is not really difficult to get a glowing dark skin that would become the envy of many. It just requires using the right products with a regimen and ofcourse, supplements. Let's see how you can make your dark skin glow with the following products :

 1. Cleanse.

  The dark skin is The11/2 emulsifying wax
1/2tsp beeswax 
2tbs honey 
30 drops bee propolis extract
1/2 tsp bee pollen  
1/2cup milk 
1/2 cup of water 
1tbs citric acid 
1/2 tsp royal jelly 
4drops Lavender oil 
Filipino set 
100ml whitening kenacol 
2 Rapid whitenzier 
Rosemary oil 10drops 
Combine the emulsifying wax with the olive oil And beeswax in  a bowl and melt using the water, while the oil are melting Combine the honey, propolis, pollen, milk, royal jelly in another bowl and gently warm thru once the oils av melted add d Water mixture, stir with a wooden spoon and let mixture Combine, add citric acid and stir thoroughly,  add the Filipino set, whitening kenacol, rapid whitenzier and rosemary oil and blend the combined mixture in a blender, the lotion shld be getting thicker and creamier as u blend, the lotion will thicken abt 3more times once left over night, so u dont wanna blend too much, add ur Essential oil, scoop out of blender, add ur preservatives

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