2 May 2018

Leg veins are usually hereditary or can result from use of strong corticosteroid creams  on the skin, especially those used for whitening the skin. We all have veins naturally but these creams  thin the skin, thus increasing the appearance of blood vessels. A lightening cream which rapidly whitens the skin in a short time can cause your veins to be visible.  

But there are treatments which can help reduce the appearance of the veins.
Some of them include
1. Laser treatment
2. Sclerotherapy (injections)
3. Retin A- These should be applied on the skin for nothing less than six months everyday 

 Other natural treatments include:
1. Exercise
2. Shea Butter or any stretchmark ointment which can help thicken the skin
3. Vitamin C- helps to strengthen and nourish the skin, thus diminishing the appearance of these veins.
4.Apple Cedar Vinegar and Witch Hazel- These two combination should be applied directly on the skin everyday until noticeable improvements 
5. Good diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins to help strenthen the skin from within.

Most importantly- stay away from products containing steriods and mercury. Also if you're trying to treat these veins, stay away from whitening creams especially those not formulated with natural ingredients. They would not reverse the damage but would only worsen the conditions. Do not forget to see a registered dermatologist to help recommend some products for you.

Until my next post, remain beautiful.