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Organic Oils in stock (Carrier and essential oils)

In this month of February,we bring you our list of oils(essential and carrier oils) in stock with love💞💖💖.So all my body and skin care lovers out there..this is for you.All oils are 100% undiluted👌...unadulterated.👌...Retail and wholesale for those interested in bulk purchases. If you've got  sensitive skin or battling from skin issues, trust me..some of these oils would be your best bet..Tag someone you know who need any of these👫..who knows, it might be the best valentine gift they've ever received🤷.Here they are... Tree Tea Oil 
Carrot seed oil 
Peppermint oil 
Lemon Oil 
Lavender oil 
Mint oil 
Ylang Ylang 
Sandalwood oil 
Fenugreek oil 
Eucalyptus oil 
Neem oil 
Jasmine oil 
Cypress oil 
Camwood oil 
Ginger flower oil 
Ocean breeze oil 
Lemongrass oil 
Rose oil 
Orange oil 
Neroli  oil 
Chamomile oil 
Frankincense oil 
Myrrh oil 
Rosemary oil 
Turmeric oil 
Cinnamon oil 
Fennel oil 
Clove oil 
Oregano oil 
Bergamot oil 
Saffron oil 
Lemongrass oil 
Helichrysum (anti-scar oil) @ pre-order only
Jojoba Oil 
Joboba oil (golden) 
Sweet Almond 
Rose Hip oil 
Wheat Germ Oil 
Ginger oil 
Coconut oil 
Virgin coconut oil (Cold-pressed) 
Palm Kernel Oil 
Argan oil 
Rice bran oil 
Sunflower oil 
Safflower oil 
Olive oil 
Shea oil 
Castor oil 
Jamaican black castor oil 
Hazel nut oil 
Hemp seed oil 
Mustard oil 
Meadow foam oil 
Grape seed oil 
Papaya oil 
Cucumber oil 
Apricot oil 
Avocado Oil 
Evening primrose oil 
Macadamia oil 
Black seed oil 
Sesame seed oil 
Calendula oil 
Emu oil 
Tamanu oil 
Tahiti monoi 
Sea buckthorn
Crocodile oil
Ant oil
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