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How to get rid of acne and rashes

Yay! My first post for 2018!
I get to deal with rashes on my face quite often especially when I'm stressed out, sweating or due to the dust from dearest Lagos roads and traffic. But then they usually disappear within a few days after using some stuff,which I would be telling you about. These products have been my saving grace anytime I develop these rashes. I've also recommended them for some people and have received positive feedbacks from them..

So the first thing I usually do is use this black soap cleansing bar I got from a local store. It lathers well, cleanses and tightens the skin pores after use. It also helps tone and maintain my complexion, hence it has now become a favorite product.

The second thing I do is make a scrub or a mask containing activated charcoal, camwood, tea tree oil and honey.
I let it sit on my face for 10-20minutes to allow the herbs work.This mask helps in eradicating acne and soothing the face.It also helps in cleansing, opening the skin pores and eradicating dead skin cells.

The third thing I use is a toner.Nowadays,I'm falling in love with Skin Doctor's witch hazel and papaya toner. It really helps with the rashes.I usually notice a difference when I look at the mirror in the morning.My face becomes smoother and better the next morning.

The final thing I use is this chinese face cream and tea tree oil. I take a little of both products into my palm and apply on my face before going to bed.Both products perform magic!!!! When I gave them to my sister, she was very pessimistic about it because the cream has this incense odour but after seeing the results, she had to get a second jar. Haha!

These products have really worked for me and has become my go-to whenever these rashes pop up. These products can also be used for treating and controlling acne.Those with sensitive skin can also use this and would definitely see their skin improve..What do you use in eradicating rashes? Do you have any favorite herbs or products that work wonders? I would love to hear from you. Until my next post, remain beautiful

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