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Happy new month to everyone. This is my first post in this month, so I decided to do a product review. Here it goes :

I came back from a field trip and was welcomed by a family member. I immediately noticed her skin tone was lighter, not whitish or that color you notice when one is using a bleaching cream.
So I asked what she was using, she said 'Bronze Tone'.

After a couple of weeks, she noticed the sides of her face was darker and she called my attention to it, seeking for a product to even her skin tone.
I gave her my handmade lotion (made with coconut oil, turmeric oil and a skin corrector serum) and lemongrass soap to use on her face while I recommended olive oil for her feet and knuckles.
Its been two weeks since she stopped using the cream, though she still uses it on her body. She applies my handmade cream on her face and use the olive oil for her feet. Her complexion is quite toned now and the marks have almost faded.

Personally, I think the cream is good for skin lightening but it contains no sunscreen, hence the sun burn issue. I also think if you use it for long, you might get an uneven skin tone.

To use it, I recommend mixing it with a complexion unifier serum and using a sunscreen when going out.
You can also just use it for a couple of weeks until you get your desired skin tone, then stop.
As for the ingredients, I have no idea what most of them are, although I see no hydroquinone or kojic. The recognizable ones are stearic acid, cocoa butter, glycerine, honey extracts and citric acid.

So there you have it, a review. I hope you love this. Have a blessed week.

Please note:Most of the reviews on this blog are first hand, which means it has been used by me, a family member or friends. Buy Bronze Tone Lotion here
  1. Well the bronze body lotion 😘, but i guess it depends on the type of akin that one has ........, but i highly recommend when using the cream or lotin try mixing it up with a serum or any lotion that is bare example vaseline, so as it dosen't give you any black nuckels

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  4. Pls my bronze tone cream colour is chocolate colour is that the real colour

    1. No, it isn't. It must have come in contact with air