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Looking for a low budget cream that produces astonishing results like eradication of acne and skin lightening, try Toujours Brightening cream. Price:2000 Naira.

It is a fast action cream, but has no sunscreen and can make the skin susceptible to sunburns. 
It has a non greasy feel and light in consistency. It is great for an oily skin and it does get rid of spots and marks but like other lightening creams, you have to mix it with a complexion unifier or glycerine so as to ensure that your complexion is even all over. 
In summary, it is a quick action cream, lightens at a quick rate, very effective but might cause uneven skin tone or sun burns. 

If you want to make your own lightening cream, scrub and body butter, kindly purchase my e-book, HOW TO MAKE BODY CREAMS AND BUTTERS ,  for just 1,000 Naira or 3 dollars. To purchase send a mail to for more information. 
Have a blessed day. 

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