6 Jun 2015

For centuries, tea has become so popular that some people hardly start their day without it. It's health benefits is also simply amazing. I have an uncle who was diabetic,he would always add lemon grass to his tea every morning. Adding Lemon juice to tea as well can act as a detoxifier if taken first thing in the morning. It is equally very effective for shedding weight and keeping a trim and youthful looking figure.
The Chinese and Green Tea has always been one of my favourites.
You can imagine my delight when my mum bought a packet of Fohow Six Flavour Tea. It prevents accumulation of fat,diabetes, respiratory diseases as well as preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. It also acts as a detoxifier which I do not joke with.
This whole skin business would not really work out if we do not take care for our insides and our body systems. We cannot use expensive creams or soaps and expect a dramatic effect if we do not stay healthy. Looking good inside and out is good business. You also need good food, supplements, exercises to generate new skin cells to look healthy, good looking and gorgeous. Show me someone who doesn't care about his health and I would show you a beautiful person who does so.
Tea bags can be used for facial masks as well as reducing dark circles and bags under eyes. For Fohow Six Flavour Tea,visit our contact page. A pack is sold for 3600 naira(approximately 25 dollars). For people who go to work every day, a cup of tea helps you become alert and agile all through the day. If you are a not a tea drinker,start taking healthy tea today and preserve your health.
Love you all.