Black seeds also known as Black Cumin Seeds are amongst some of my favorite herbs due to some of its benefits such as minimizing acne scars, rosacea, skin irritation, psoriasis and eczema.

It is also a wonderful addition to body butters especially for kids (checkout this recipe). You can spice it up by immersing the seeds in your favorite carrier oil in addition to other herbs such as ginger, clove, lemongrass to get a really effective antiseptic oil. The guy selling herbs over here said you can even boil it in water, strain and drink it for detoxification. 

Oh! he also said you can add cloves and fenugreek seeds to it. I got some fresh tumeric, ginger and cloves...intend making my herbal 😄 tea. I really don't know their indigenous names but the Hausa name is 'Habbatul Sauda'...I hope I got the spelling,right..It's kinda difficult to pronounce if you don't understand the language. You can spice up your formulations especially soaps, butters and oils with this magic seed...xoxo..Remain beautiful.