Some people have a preference for body washes and liquid soaps. Some simply do not like the idea of using their hands to scoop soap from jars or using bar soaps, hence the love for liquid soap. If you're a fan of black soap and intend making your own, here are different recipes to help you. You can pick a method depending on your preference. Here are some of my favorite methods.

1st Method
I call this method the overnight soaking method. I usually soak my black soap in floral waters or rice milk with glycerine and honey, over night when using this method.

Here is a basic recipe I use:


100g of Ghana black soap

50grams of herbs (preferred choice)

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp whitening glycerine

4 oz sweet Almond oil

5  oz Jojoba Oil

2 Tbsps of Chamomile Flower 

2 Tbsps of Lavender Flower

1 tbsp shea butter

1 tbsp cocoa butter

Whitening Additives (optional)


Boil the water and make a tea with the flowers.

 Let it steep for 2-3hrs, then strain twice. Add the black soap and let it sit overnight. 

Then add the shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil,  jojoba oil, honey and glycerine to it. 

Mix well and store in a container. If mixing for a light skin person, add your preferred lightening/whitening agents. 



African Black Soap

Distilled Water/Aloe Vera
 Juice  NOT Gel (Blended With Water)

Large Bottle

1 Tsp of Vit E Oil


Crumble soap into a large bowl. 

Add aloe vera juice or boiling water into a bowl, add moisturizing properties (vit E oil). 

Mix together well and let it sit for few hours to allow it dissolve. 

Drive into a large bottle or containers of choice. Your liquid ABS is ready.


This method gives a pasty like texture

8 oz Avocado oil 

6 oz Castor oil 

8 oz Safflower oil 

10 oz Coconut oil 

10 oz Olive oil 

2 oz African black soap

9.4 oz Potassium Hydroxide 

27  oz Initial water for paste 

80 oz Water for dilution 


1) Make a solution with the water and potassium hydroxide

2) Add all oils to the cook pot along with ABS and melt. The ABS will not melt well, stick blend it until it gets as smooth as you can.

3) Add the solution and stick blend until you get a thick trace then stick blend a bit more

4) Turn the Crock pot onto medium heat and let it cook, if it separate while cooking, stick blend it back into submission

5) Stir and let it cook more for about 30mins more. Then starts adding your 40 oz of water gently. You can always add more water but you can't add all so that it will not be too watery (Boil your water before adding it will be nice and doesn't crock your soap)

After having the soap on warm for a couple of hours and stirring occassionally, add more time to cooking then strain it just invade it had any sediment from the ABS. 

Then add 2% lavender essential oil for scent. Lavender EO makes it thick, citrus EO act as solvents and makes it thin. Add 2.5% in total. Your liquid ABS is ready for use. 

Store in a container of choice.

Note: African Black Soap is different from Ghana Black Soap. It usually comes in a powdery form.

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