Making black soap is a delight at anytime but you need to be careful of the ingredients you intend using. It is not important to follow recipes but you need to have a basic idea about the functions of the ingredients you are using. When you have a good knowledge about the ingredients in your products,then you would be able to decipher the problem with any product...

1. Liquid in black soaps
I have been making soaps for over a year now and I have encountered perfection and problems with some of my formulations.One thing I have learnt over time is that when applying watery substances to your black soap, you need a preservative, if you want to use the product for more than a month else it would ferment and get spoilt...I have used purees, juices,waters-any type and have gotten the same results...They all get bad within two weeks, max-3weeks

2. Stick to oils and butters
Oils and butters would ensure that your black soap have a longer shelf life. Also you need to be certain of the type of oil which would suit your skin. I steer clear of olive and coconut oil. I have an oily and sensitive skin hence I limit myself to oils with little fatty substances.I prefer soothing oils such as peppermint,mint and tea tree.I also go for anti-oxidant and fungal oils due to the sensitive nature of my skin. As for butters, tamanu and mango are my favourites.I am not a fan of shea butter. Different things for different folks.

3. Herbs  go a long way
I love powders and herbs because they help in exfoliating as well as moisturizing the skin. Camwood,turmeric and neem top the list for me but if you are looking for whitening powders,then turmeric,sandalwood ,gram flour, mulberry, bear berry, tomato powder and carrot powder should be on your list.

4. Additives
Adfitives are a must if you're thinking of making a whitening black soap.Serums, lightening oils such as pure gluthathione oil, zaya oil, kojic dip, over white,toujour whitening serum can lighten/whiten your skin depending on the shade you're aiming for. Acids such as lactic, glycolic,salicylic, kojic can do wonders. Lightening powders such as Alpha Arbutin,gigawhite, snow white is also necessary..If you're thinking of a whitening black soap,then one of these should be in your soap.

Also, if you want a perfect black soap with a longer shelf life,then your soap should contain no liquid.If you want purees or floral waters in your formulation,please use a preservative or use within two weeks.A perfect black soap should also contain oils that is suitable for a particular skin type.The herbs or powders should also be selected for their properties.And of course,if you want a whitening soap, endeavour to include a whitening powder, acid and serum to your formulation.

Now you know what your black soap should contain. I would be posting a favorite recipe in my next post,so keep in touch until then.
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Until my next post, remain beautiful