Looking older than your age? There are some things you might probably that is making you look older. As soon as we reach our mid-twenties, most women start wishing we could stop aging, me inclusive. I really do not want the wrinkles😥

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, Sade Adu,Genevieve Nnaji, Kate Henshaw just makes us wonder how in Pete's name they manage to look so much younger. Sometimes, we are the cause for making our skin look older. Take a look at the topmost reasons why you're probably looking older than your age.

1.Over exfoliating

Exfoliating is a good thing to do from time to time, as it prevents dead skin cells from building up, but if you do it too often, it can be detrimental to your skin.Once or twice a week is way better and would not damage the skin.

2. Not wearing sun screen everyday

With a harsh weather like ours, you would be surprised that many people do not do this at all. The fact that your cream contains sunscreen ingredients does not mean it can protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Get a sun screen,sis.

3.Not eating nutrient rich foods

With an economy like ours, quantity is the norm in some families not quality. But then, quality and nutritious foods such as those high in fibre,vitamins and minerals are not usually expensive. All it takes is planning your meals.

4.Not drinking enough water

Drinking water has tons of benefits, including making you more energetic and helping you lose weight, but it can also have really improve the appearance of your skin. Many of us apply lotion to hydrate our skin, but staying hydrated from the inside does alot more in giving us a youthful appearance.

5.Not getting enough sleep

I can relate to this . With work and studies, I was barely sleeping for five hours every night. When I would go to class,my friends would be like, 'Sophie, are you alright?' Since graduation,I've rectified that by making sure I plan my schedule well. Daytime for business,night time for sleep.

6. Not exercising regularly

If you are not a routine person like me,it would probably be difficult for you to stick to an exercise routine. I have tried so many forms of exercise,from squatting to skipping to jogging....but I've never been able to stay consistent to it. Nowadays,what I simply do is take a walk in the cool evening and dance every day. I love dancing.

7. Smoking

We all know that smoking damages the lungs,it also wrecks havoc on the skin. From wrinkles to looser skin to eye bags.....it wrecks havoc.

8.Carbonated drinks

I do this often,I would not lie.I know its bad but what when one is under the scorching sun and is hungry...whatta man gotta do. I'm really trying to stop by opting for a bottle of water or a fruit juice instead, anytime I feel thirsty. I'm getting there....not easy....but I'm getting there

9. Eating too much sugar

Sugar can really be an addiction but it can also cause weight gain, acne and inflammation which can make us look older.

There you have it.
It does not take much to have a younger looking skin..afterall,age is just a number..In our next post,I would be talking on how to get a younger looking skin and would be posting a skin repair cream recipe.
Until my next post, remain beautiful.

This is one product I love and can really vouch for. A friend of mine bought a bottle and I liked the way she looked. No black knuckles or irregular complexion, no blemishes as well. 
It does not contain hydroquinone. It's also non greasy and light on the skin which is suitable for people with oily skin. For people with dry skin,a cap or two of Neutrogena oil mixed with it would give maximum results.
I used it for a couple of weeks and yea it worked. No instant lightening but rather slowly, clarifying the complexion.
This is a nice low budget cream which most people would fall in love with. It's sold in most stores for about 1500 naira( about 7-9 dollars)
To order for this product,simply contact us through any of the contact addresses on this blog.


After talking about some low budget lightening creams, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to discuss some other lightening creams but a little bit expensive.
I saw this on one of my beauticians updates and I was a little bit taken aback.

I found out that half caste creams had been on board since 2010. Then I surfed the net as usual to get more information about
I don't know much about the ingredients because most of them are handmade.  A bottle or cup sells for as much as 100-200 dollars(up to 20000 naira,even up to 50000 naira). As a result, this cream has garnered much attention including mine. I have enrolled for classes, bought e-books, just to find out how to formulate this type of cream. But I have come to understand that it is plainly an extra whitening cream, just like so many whitening creams out there. I have tried some of those recipes but they many do not work. I have also come to find out that the most popular ways of attaining that half caste complexion is through the use of the following:

1. Lightening injections
They range mostly from 2,000 Naira to 45,000 Naira. These injections especially the expensive ones really work well. Some of them contain gluthathione and some other ingredients that make them potent. They are injections shot through the veins,hence if you're thinking of using it , make sure it is being done by a licensed dermatologists to prevent stories that touches the heart. When, I went to the market to enquire about the injections, I was shown different options but the sellers were quite reluctant to show me the really expensive ones. They only bring it out, if a customer specifically request for it. 

2. Serums and gels
Before the advent of organic products, there were various mixologists. Most people mixed their creams with tube gels and serums. You can agree with me that they worked, at least to a certain extent. Skin lightening has been on for as long as I can remember and serums/gels/oils were the order of the day in those days and they still work. The only difference is that the serums of this present day are more effective and safer, compared to then.

3. Lightening powders
The only trick to this is make sure you get the original powders. Do not go for quantity, go for quality. If you are new to this business, ask around for genuine suppliers and buy regardless of the price. Most powders sold in major markets are ineffective. They are sold at cheap prices but have no effect whatsoever. 
My favourite lightening powders are Symwhite, Alpha Arbutin, Snow white Gluthathione and Kojic Dipaltimate. I have also heard about Moroccan and Egyptian whitening powder but I cannot say if they are effective or not. You can try out this recipe to produce your own whitening cream. It is one of my favourites and can give you that skin tone you desire. It might not whiten you overnight but it would certainly give your skin a beautiful glow. 
Note: The results from using this recipe might differ from skin to skin. It might work for others and might not to do so for some others based on the skin type. To make your cream work better, you can combine it with  this scrub and this soap.

If you would like to know more about whitening creams, kindly place a comment below this post or contact me through my mail address - Sophieazaya@gmail.com. 

I could rememember when I first started blogging, this cream was the rage of the moment. I applied for many classes, tried my hands on so many recipes but low and behold,none gave either me or my clients that pale whitish and milk complexion. I have seen so many recipes online. I have tried more than 60% of them and have studied so many recipes because of it. Thus as a result, I have gone to the market, asked questions, done research, made my observations and come to this conclusion.

1.Those recipes you see online won't give you that dramatic overnight white complexion, they would only lighten your complexion.The closest you can get to achieving your desired complexion is by using whitening injections, using hydroquinone or pure kojic acid based products.

2. You can get a lighter shade of complexion, probably caramel or a golden tanned complexion if you are consistent with a skincare regime, over a period of time. You won't turn white but it would certainly improve your skintone, clear impurities and give you a lighter complexion.

3.  Like I said earlier if you want that dramatic complexion, the following would help the lightening process:

a. Genuine Lightening Powders such as Symwhite, Kojic Dipaltimate, Mulberry Extract, Gluthathathione, Alpha Arbutin would help. Buying counterfiet powders because they are less expensive would do nothing. I have found out that some people would prefer buying less expensive powders but they forget that most times, you can't identify these powders because they look alike and you might end up buying substandard or maybe pure talcum powder. It is better if you source for genuine but expensive powders. Trust me, a little would go a long way.

b. Gels- Gels like Kojic clear, Toujours , Lebganaise, Kpata Kpata would definitely help. I have seen recipes asking people to use up to 5 tubes. I won't recommend it because some contain steriod, mercury or hydroquinone but then , they do the job.

c.  Products containing more than 2% hydroquine also works. Trust me, if you use a cream and you get white within a week, you are using hydroquinone. Some mixers use products containing hydroquinone in their products which is why when you use it, you get white but in two - three months time, you start seeing stretch marks, dark knuckes, red marks, skin peeling.

d. Serums are bae
With good serums, then you are good to go. My favourites include RWT,Toujours, Action Jolie, Over white....

e.. The best way to formulate your halfcaste cream and start seeing resullts is by using a base. Most skincare therapists I have worked with swear by Thailand creams. Hence, if you can get an original whitening Thailand cream, then use as a base.

f. Too many ingredients do not necessarily make a good cream. Sometimes few quality ingredients can be used to formulate very effective products.

 Also, to formulate a good halfcaste cream, be ready to spend. You cannot use 10,000 Naira and expect to get an halfcate cream. You might get a whitening cream but not extreme whitening which is why the least expensive half caste cream would sell for as much as 30,000 Naira.

My first set of products were wack because I believed you can achieve half caste complexion with little amount and was a sort of trial and error for me. I have come a long way since that time.

Finally, I would like to share this recipe with you. It wont give you that dramatic change in complexion but it would help lighten and clarify  your complexion.

Yuri white or any Thailand lotion-1 bottle
Beauty Series- Half bottle
RWT Serum-Half bottle
Toujour whitening serum-Half bottle
Miracle powder-1 tbsp
Snow white powder-1 tbsp
Symwhite powder-1 tbsp
Alpha Arbutin Powder-1 tbsp
Gluthathione powder-1 tbsp
Lemon oil-1 tbsp
Neem oil-1 tbsp
Witch hazel-100ml
Chamomile water-100ml.

Warm the floral waters and pour in your powders. Mix welll.
In your lotion, pour in the powders mixture and add the remaining oils. Shake we before use.
Like I said, this might not give you a dramatic change in complexion, but it certainly would go a long way. Until my next post, remain beautiful.
It is product review day and this product is actually one of my favourites. I was introduced to this product since last year and since then, I have been using it until recently. This post is all about my experience with this product and here it is.

The first week I started using it, I ended up getting more than two shades lighter. I noticed my skin became smoother, lighter and it was really glowing. Ironically, while it was quite effective on my skin, it was the opposite for my sis, a client and some friends I bought the soap for.

While using it

 They complained about occurrence of eczema and acne and I kept asking myself, if it was the same soap they were actually talking about. I decided they had bought the substandard versions but all of them couldn't have bought fakes, nao...So one day, I decided to risk it and stop using it because I wanted to see if the lightening effects would continue even if I stopped using it.

I opted for a plain moisturizing face wash and a moisturizer. During the first week, the going was good, no complaints, no darkening, so breakouts whatsoever and I was already deciding to continue with this new routine. Unfortunately, the second week was something else......

When I stopped
Come and see pimples and eczema on my face!!! I could handle the acne but eczema on my face was a no no for me. I had to get an antibiotic tube and made this soap  to help heal my skin. Finally, my skin was finally becoming better, halleluyah... 

 Do I hate this product? No..
Would I stop using it? For now, yes. In future, I would definitely want to use it but in a different way which I would explain in another post.

My verdict...I really do not like to see outbreaks on my skin when I stop using a product. I have abandoned some products due to this. If I grow darker, I can handle it but eczema.....nooooo. It saddens me to have had this experience with this product because I love it but there are some things I can't really handle. Right now, I am using the soap mentioned above and a treatment body lotion. My skin has healed greatly and I'm quite happy. 
Do you have similar experience with this product or not? Please share on thw comment section. I would really love to hear from you. 
Recently,I had an outbreak of pimples and rashes on my face and I started thinking of products to use. I bought some products from the mall (would soon give a review on some of them), hoping it would work but nada!!!, none worked. I resorted to using foundations to cover them up, but my skin is not really a fan of heavy make up, so it worsened.
I stayed away from tube gels because some of them tend to worsen the issue, especially products like Skineal or Funbact A.  So I resorted to making a soap using natural ingredients. I used the soap for a couple of days and I started noticing improvements.You can imagine my excitement. I threw away those products and resorted to using my darling soap. You must be thinking....what did she use? Voila, here is the recipe:


50g Goat milk soap base
1 tsp Blue whitening soap powder
1 tsp Neem powder
1 tsp Mashed papaya
1 tsp Lemon oil
1 tsp Camwood oil
1/2  tsp Miracle powder

This is how I prepared my herbal soap:

Step 1
Dice the Goat milk soap base,pour into a glass bowl.

Step 2
Place on double boiler or a microwave.

Step 3
Wait until melted.

Step 4
Add the blended papaya.

Step 5
Add the neem powder

Step 6
Stir the mixture

Step 7
Add the lemon oil

Step 8
Add the miracle powder

Step 9
Add the blue soap whitening powder

Step 10
Add the camwood oil and stir.

Step 11.
Pour into soap mounds or pet containers like I did.

Step 12.
Leave for 24 hours to solidify.

Step 13.
Final look!!!

The downside to using this soap is that it doesn't lather that much but that is a minor issue compared with the final results. I use this soap twice a day and I am loving it. My skin is healing rapidly.

Before I forget, this soap is a perfect exfoliating soap and reduces enlarged pores. I absolutely love it because it has superceeded my expectations, hence I intend to make a large batch using lye and would love to see how it turns out. You can try out this recipe at home and I'm sure you would love it. I would be posting recipes and results on my social media handles, so please follow us for more recipes like this...