Why is my mixed cream making me darker?

Hello everyone,
It's been quite a while since I posted anything. I have quite an hectic schedule with classes and the skincare line, that doesn't give me time for doing anything extra ., Infact today's post is on a question one of the students asked on the watsapp group page.

A friend of mine got Omo white plus lotion, gluthathione powder, kojic clear tube, AHA serum but it's making her darker, thou she didn't tell me before using the mixture. Please wanna know if Omo white makes people darker?

Omo white plus lotion is a whitening lotion but the darkening effect might be as a result of the cream as well, though I haven't heard of that particular complain from people using the cream.  But remember that every skin is different and what is effectivel for some people might not be for others.The cream is quite thick and I would only recommend it to people with dry skin. It might cause breakouts for people with oily skin.

Instead of the whole mixing thing, make a base cream from scratch (instead of using a pre-made one), pour Omo white serum, gluthathione serum and kojic clear serum into it and mix with an hand blender or mixer. This would give a perfect whitening cream than the mixed one.
You should also make a body scrub with glycolic acid as she needs to get rid of the dead skin cells as it is one of the primary causes of the cream not working. Using a body scrub would open up her skin pores, allowing the cream to penetrate easily, thus making it more effective.

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Until my next post, have a wonderful week