Hello Sophie,
Please can you do a review on caro white cream?
Here it is,
I have always been biased towards any beauty product called 'caro', and that include 'catotone' and 'carowhite'. I have not used it because I have seen the side effects on friends and relatives and it's not pleasant.

       Source: skin bleaching reviews.net

The most active ingredients in the cream include: Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Stearic acid, Cetearyl alcohol, Isopropyl myristate, Glycerin Methryl & propylparaben, Huile de Carotte, Vit E(0.2%) Hydroquinone 2%, Aqua(eau) and Fragrance.

It is quite inexpensive and really lightens. You notice visible lightening effects between 1-2 weeks of use. Some of the most common complaints from people who have used this product include green veins,stretch marks,dark knuckles,eczema, sunburns and a whitish pale complexion. These are probably side effects of the hydroquinone.There is also no money back guarantee or a customer care center where you can make complaints. I used to think it was imported from Cotonou but it is made in Nigeria and I have no idea of the company's location.

The oil is also quite effective, so what most people do these days is to mix the oil with a different cream or use it to make a lightening cream from scratch, though I don't know if it's any better than the cream. There are better serums in the market which are safer to use and affordable .

I would rate it a 2/5 because of the price and quick lightening effects.If you are looking for an inexpensive fast action lightening cream,then you can use it but if you are looking for a safe lightening cream without much side effects, then look for better alternative. 

Hello everyone,
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Happy holidays to everyone. Thanks to my loyal visitors for keeping in touch with me. As a way of saying thank you, here is a free recipe for everyone to try out at home this period.

I used a raw black soap base which is popularly known as 'Ghana Alata Soap'. Some people use it that way but I love tweaking and remaking soap to my preference.  The African Black soap is quite popular and used for various type of soaps. It is mostly used as a soap base and is quite useful to beginners in soap making.

So, I had 100g of black soap left over and I decided to make something different from my usual bar soap. With the help of some recipes I found online, I proceeded to try making a liquid soap and it came out just fine, the way I wanted.

 What I used
100g Ghana Alata Soap Base
1 teaspoon Camwood Powder
I tablespoon of  Zaya Oils (for lightening)
50ml Rosewater
1 teaspoon glycerine



Grate or mash the black soap in a bowl


Pour into a pot and place on low heat.
Pour the rose water into the pot and stir

Carefully stir with a wooden spoon or spatula until the soap has melted or has started bubbling.
Pour the camwood, glycrine and zaya oil into the mixture and stir for another five minutes.
Continue stirring until the soap has melted.
If it starts burning or you prefer a lighter consistency, add some distilled water or more rose water.
When melted, bring down and allow to cool.

Pour into jars or bottles
For a thicker consistency, add stearic acid. 
So that's it. I hope you love this recipe. 
This is a whitening soap(zaya oil) that prevents acne (camwood), hence using it would make your skin blemish free and glowing. It has become a family soap and we are loving it. It can be used by all skin types as it is moisturizing and does not cause reactions on the skin. My family use it and we've had no complaints whatsoever.
You can try it at home and give me feedback. I would love to hear about your ideas and the results.

To order for the raw materials or if interested in wholesale prices, please contact 07034510620. (Papaya, lemongrass and carrot variants available).

Until my next post, enjoy your holidays.

Hello everyone,
It's been quite a while since I posted anything. I have quite an hectic schedule with classes and the skincare line, that doesn't give me time for doing anything extra ., Infact today's post is on a question one of the students asked on the watsapp group page.

A friend of mine got Omo white plus lotion, gluthathione powder, kojic clear tube, AHA serum but it's making her darker, thou she didn't tell me before using the mixture. Please wanna know if Omo white makes people darker?

Omo white plus lotion is a whitening lotion but the darkening effect might be as a result of the cream as well, though I haven't heard of that particular complain from people using the cream.  But remember that every skin is different and what is effectivel for some people might not be for others.The cream is quite thick and I would only recommend it to people with dry skin. It might cause breakouts for people with oily skin.

Instead of the whole mixing thing, make a base cream from scratch (instead of using a pre-made one), pour Omo white serum, gluthathione serum and kojic clear serum into it and mix with an hand blender or mixer. This would give a perfect whitening cream than the mixed one.
You should also make a body scrub with glycolic acid as she needs to get rid of the dead skin cells as it is one of the primary causes of the cream not working. Using a body scrub would open up her skin pores, allowing the cream to penetrate easily, thus making it more effective.

To get the above serums, use the contact form below or simply walk into any cosmetic store and order for them.

Until my next post, have a wonderful week