Are you interested in formulating skincare products from scratch? Do you simply want to make your skincare products or start a skincare line of quality products? Then these classes are for you.

Last year classes were fun but this year promises to be better, more intensive and organised.
This year, the online skincare classes would be on watsapp, would run for one week and include a whole range of new courses. We would be learning:
About different skin types and the different ingredients used for formulating organic skincare products..
How to make creams and lotions from scratch and promixing,
How to craft soaps, shower gels and body wash from scratch.
How to make different body masks and scrubs
How to make face and body oils (and gels)
How to make toners, cleansers, deodorants and sunscreens.
The course outline includes:

Day 1
Cream Base (whitening and non whitening)
Egyptian Kamana Body Milk
Goat Milk Lotion
Moroccan Whitening Lotion
Halfcaste Lotion
Chocolate Moisturizing Lotion (or glowing ebony complexion)
Flawless Glow Night Cream
Toning Milk
Arabian Body Milk
All Purpose Body Glow Cream (for even complexion)
Organic facial gels
Quick fix creams

Day 2
Spot removal serum
Scar removal oil blend
Moisturizing face serum
Eye Serum
Moisturizing Oil Blend (for even ebony skin tone)
Moroccan Extreme Whitening Oil
Half caste Oil
Black Knuckles Fade Oil
Whitening Egyptian Talking Oil
Bright and glow oil (to maintain the skin tone, fade spots and make it glowy)

How to remake bar Soaps
Carrot and honey facial soap
Magic Soap For Acne
Lightening Shower Gel
Egyptian Body Wash:
Body Glow Exfoliating Body Wash.
Skin Glow Herbal Soap
Whitening Black Soap
Saffron exfoliating bar soap
Papaya and honey bar soap
Anti Eczema Soap

Day 4
Luxurious body butter
Lightening and moisturizing body butter
Baby glow body butter
Kids body butter
Tahitian sunscreen body butter
Whitening Papaya Body Butter
Moisturing Mango Butter
Anti Stretchmark Body Butter
Skin Repair Body Butter (To treat sunburn, skin renewal and firming)

Day 5
Identifying the ingredients and uses
Facial masks for acne
Facial masks for oily skin
Facial masks for dry skin
Facial masks for glowing skin
Whitening body scrub
Foaming lightening scrub
Hydrating Pineapple body scrub
Nourishing beetroot body polish
Brown sugar and jojoba oil polish
Rice Boabab body polish

Day 5
Whitening additives
How to use whitening additives
How to make orange oil
How to make almond oil
How to make natural homemade deodorant
How to make lemon glycerine
Anti Acne Cleanser
Lightening moisturising facial cleanser
Apple Cedar toner
Citrus toner
Green Tea toner

Day 6
How to package skincare products
Consultation, questions and answer segment

Price: 5000 Naira or 20 dollars
Date: 6th to 11th of March, 2017.
Time: 2pm to 6pm (each day)
Intending students who would require craft kits are advised to pay before 5th March, 2016.

Though it is an online training, videos, images and e-books would be used for training. Consultations would still continue after classes. I like to keep track of all my students activity whenever I am less busy. They can also contact me whenever they experience problems in making any products. All ingredients are available worldwide. Students can also purchase crafts kits during or after classes.

Promo Offer;
Introduce one person and get a craft kit worth 5,000 Naira. Offer open to people in Nigeria and Ghana.

These classes are open to everyone worldwide. People in Nigeria are to pay through direct bank deposit while those residing in other countries are to pay through the payment platform on the side bar.
Please contact +2347034510620 via watsapp, sms or calls for more enquiries.

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