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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Its been a long time since I posted a DIY recipe. This is a personal recipe I use for my everyday body cream. It gives a glow and lightens up to 2 shades lighter, max. If you want something more effective, try some recipes from my e-book. This is dedicated to all my loyal visitors from all over the world. I love you.

What I used
Emulsifying wax - 2 tablespoons
Stearic Acid - 1 tablespoon
Vitamin E oil- 1 teaspoon
Carrot oil - 1 teaspoon
Midnight glow oil- 1 teaspoon
Huile D'eclat serum- 1 teaspoon
Vitamin B3 acid- 2 teaspoons
Distilled water- 5 glass cups

Instructions (How I made mine)

 Mix the wax, carrot oil, midnight glow oil,  and stearic acid in a stainless bowl.
Put the bowl into a pot of boiling water.
Stir until the wax and acid have melted to a clear liquid.
Mix the Vitamin B3 with the distilled water. Warm for a minute and pour into the melted wax
Using the hand blender, stir until you get a fluffy mixture .
Pour in the Vitamin E and serum
Stir with the hand blender for a minute.
Pour into bottles and jars.
You should get up to 4 jars or bottles of cream.
That's all

The result
The cream was very heavy when I used it, so I had to pour in more liquid and stir again until I got the consistency I wanted.
I didn't use any preservative, but I didn't make it for commercial sales. I only wanted to use it for a month or less. If you instead making for up to 3 months, please use a preservative.
Like I said, it's not for extremely lightening. It's just for those who want to tone their skin or lighten up to 1-2 shades.
Until my next post, stay beautiful.

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