Its been a long time since I posted a DIY recipe. This is a personal recipe I use for my everyday body cream. It gives a glow and lightens up to 2 shades lighter, max. If you want something more effective, try some recipes from my e-book. This is dedicated to all my loyal visitors from all over the world. I love you.

What I used
Emulsifying wax - 50 grams
Stearic Acid - 1 tablespoon
Vitamin E oil- 1 teaspoon
Carrot oil - 1 teaspoon
Licorice powder- 1 teaspoon
Huile D'eclat serum- 1 teaspoon
Alpha Arbutin powder- 2 teaspoons
Distilled water- 300ml

Instructions (How I made mine)

 Mix the wax,  carrot oil and stearic acid in a stainless bowl.
Put the bowl into a pot of boiling water.
Stir until the wax and acid have melted to a clear liquid.
Mix the Alpha Arbutin and Licorice powders with the distilled water. Warm for a minute and pour into the melted wax mixture.
Using the hand blender, stir until you get a fluffy mixture .
Pour in the Vitamin E and serum.
Stir with the hand blender for a minute.
Pour into bottles and jars.
You should get up to 4 jars or bottles of cream.
That's all

The result
The cream was very heavy when I used it, so I had to pour in more liquid and stir again until I got the consistency I wanted.
I didn't use any preservative, because I didn't make it for commercial sales. I only wanted to use it for a month or less. If you instead making for up to 3 months, please use a preservative.
Like I said, it's not for extremely lightening. It's just for those who want to tone their skin or lighten up to 1-2 shades.
Until my next post, stay beautiful.

Hello Sophie,
My skin complexion is uneven. I have used different products to correct this. They usually work for the first few weeks,after which my face becomes darker than the rest of my body. Please do you have any product that can correct this?

Before recommending any product, I would like to ask some questions.
Do you use any form of sunscreen or sun block before stepping out? 
How often do you use a scrub or mask?
Does your skincare product contain hydroquinone, steroid or any harsh bleaching agent?

In a climate as harsh as ours, we need to be careful of any type of product we use. If you are using products that lighten up to 5 shades whiter, it is actually compulsory you avoid sunlight as much as possible and use a sunblock with at least SPF 50 or more. if you don't, you risk having massive sunburns or darkening of the skin.

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells, open skin pores and allow products to be absorbed into the skin quickly. Usually, those creams stop working because the skin pores are clogged, does not breathe and have no avenue for the creams or products to pass through.

Also, uneven skin tone is a side effect of products containing hydroquinone and steroids, so check that cream. For me, products containing Kojic Acid usually react that way on my skin. They perform wonders on my face but for reasons I can't phantom, my body is a different issue.
These are some of my fave products that might be able to solve your problem.


One of my fave soaps and I have no complaints whatsoever. It clears spots, lightens the face and ensures that the face is always smooth. It's not expensive at all, you can get it in stores for 300-500 Naira.


My sister uses this face cream and she swears by it. She is naturally fair  and her complexion is always even.



I love this scrub and mask. Tresses and Body is usually my ally when it comes to making any of these. Her scrubs are simply wonderful. It ensures smoother and clearer complexion.

This is one of my personal home made products. It consist of different oils and I use it for my face and body. The oils do not clog my pores and is not heavy on my skin.I use it at night only. It lightens and fade dark spots. It has become one of my favorite products and would really help in lightening up your face.


Image result for body peels Some people swear by this, it works for them. I haven't used any, so I don't really have any particular brand in mind.


With these products, you can get a visible even complexion. I still use some of them and I love them. Remember, even while using these products, avoid sunlight and use a sunblock, if you must go out. It is very important.
To order for any of these products, please use the contact form or send a mail to