Happy New Year to everyone. Last year was a wonderful year for me. I had so much to do and my schedule was hectic. I don't see it getting any better as I still have so much workload cut out for me but hopefully,it would get better. Most of my projects would be launched this year, so keep in touch with us via the various social platforms. They were put in place to make this blog an exciting one. 

 I have good news for you, my e-book is out. It is the updated version of my previous e-book and now contains recipes on masks, scrubs, polishers, creams, body butters, soaps and oils. This 105 pages e-book, contains over 50 recipes.They are very effective and quite affordable . I use most of them daily especially the creams, masks and scrubs. They are easy to understand and the ingredients are available in Nigeria and various parts of the world. 

Most importantly,these recipes are being used by successful cream mixologists in Nigeria, so if you are thinking of starting a skincare business or simply want to have a glowing and spotless skin, this is a must have. More recipes have been added, typographical issues have being sorted out and yes, it has new cover and a new title. The hard-copy would soon be out, so keep your fingers crossed. 
Below is a screenshot of the table of contents :

Those who bought the previous version have started using the recipes and these are reviews from some of them. Here is a review from Adesola. She bought a copy of the previous version. I would love to see her reaction when she sees this one. (She is getting a free copy)

And this is from Ayo, she made her face mask !!!( she has already gotten a free copy)

It is sold for 3,000 Naira or 10 dollars and can be gotten from me or downloaded from the payment platform on the sidebar. People who buy a copy would be added to the watsapp group. I would be doing a review with them today. We would be discussing the recipes and some videos. I'm pretty excited and looking forward to it. 

What are you waiting for? 

Sophie Azaya