It's the month of November, the month where you can buy goods with more than 30% discount and my favorite part- FREE SHIPPING!!!!!. In Nigeria, the price of shipping a product is usually more than the product itself, depending on location.

Many shopping platforms have started their Black Friday mumbo jumbo deals and some of the prices of these products are simply jaw dropping.

As a skincare enthusiast, I noticed that the time  I spend looking for skincare products online has increased sporadically this month. While others spend time looking for gadgets and  fashion items, I look for beauty and skincare products. (Don't blame me, it's an obsession)

I am currently keeping tabs on three different shopping platforms and they are Jumia, Konga and Amazon.


Their Black Friday deal started on 14th of November and would end on the 25th November.
Every product is shipped free of charge.


Theirs start on the 18th November and would end on the 21st November. It promises to be the biggest shopping event of the year in Nigeria. There is also free shipping for all products.


Shop Amazon - Countdown to Black Friday

Though their black Friday deals is ending today, it is not too late to make one or two purchases. It is one of my favorite shopping platforms as you can get, most of what you want. Also, you can check out our Amazon store; here for your skincare products. We stock top of the range beauty and skincare products with amazing reviews, hence you won't be disappointed.

Also, remember to shop for kitchen appliances such as blenders, mixers and microwave ovens which is very important, if you are interested in the skincare business.

Why don't you save the dates and check these sites daily for amazing offers.

WARNING! - You might end up with the shopping fever like I did but it's a good thing.