A wonderful week to all my readers and visitors. I want to say a very big thank you to all my loyal readers and a big welcome to the visitors who make this blog their first stop when surfing the web. I have some goods news for you. Drumroll, please............

 My skincare book would be available for purchase online  from the 17th of September 2016. I am super duper excited about it. I have turned down offers to start an online training class due to this. The book is a detailed cream making and body butter making book.

It contains recipes that would help you start a flourishing skincare business and also have that glowing flawless skin. It include recipes on how to make body moisturizers, all purpose cream, Egyptian milk, black knuckles cream,quick fix cream,mango butter, Neem butter e.t.c.So bear in mind, this book is a must get, if you want to start your skincare business or simply make your creams at home.

The book contains a total of fifteen awesome handmade body creams and butters for every skin type, which would make your customers screaming for more. They are all very effective and the materials can be sourced from either the local market or online stores anywhere in the world especially Nigeria. 

When I was writing these recipes, I thought about the basic needs of the everyday woman,her skin problems and her skin desires. One woman wants to have a glowing flawless skin, another wants to lighten her skin in a natural and healthy way and another wants to maintain her complexion and produce her own skin care line. hence the recipes were carefully selected and written down bearing all these in mind.

They are written in clear simple language with illustrations. and as a bonus  for buying this book,every buyer gets a free perfume recipe and detailed addresses of where to source for these ingredients at low cost prices directly from my mailbox. The book is a pdf format and can be bought from Gumroad. This is to enable visitors from all over the world have access to the book.

Gumroad is a trusted  and very safe e-commerce platform that transacts payments from cards and Pay pal. You can also use wireless transfer to pay into my account and the pdf file would be sent immediately to your mailbox on confirmation of payment.
The book is not expensive as my desire is to make it affordable for everyone but it would only be out for a very limited time. It costs 1000 Naira or 3 dollars if paying through Gumroad and if you want to set a pre-order so as to get your copy immediately it is published, kindly contact me or set a pre-order on Gumroad.

I would be posting one of the recipes in my next post,so cross your arms,lean back and get a taste of my book.