Orange oil is extracted from orange peels. It is quite rich in VItamin C and can be used as a base for both soap and cream making.  It can be applied directly onto the skin or mixed with your favourite moisturizer or tone.

It can be used to treat acne or make the skin luminous. It is usually advisable to apply at night or use sunscreen during the day because the oil is sensitive to sun rays, hence it can cause sun burns if applied during the day. It can also be used as an alternative to Vitamin C serum.
Here's a video tutorial on how to make orange oil.

Orange peels
Alcohol or vodka
Knife or food processor 
Two jars with covers
Paper towels or cheese cloth

1. Peel the orange peel on a tray  and let them air dry until the peels are rock hard or they can break easily. 
2. Cut them into smaller pieces and place them inside a jar.  
3.Pour the vodka or alcohol into the jar.  Make sure the pieces are completely covered. 
4.  Cover the jar and shake to release the oil several times a day for several days. The longer you let the peels soak, the more oil that will be extracted .
5.Filter using the sieve or strainer. 
6. Place a paper towel or cheese cloth on top of the jar. Let the liquid sit until the alcohol has evaporated, leaving only the essential oil. You can mix spices such as sandalwood to get other added benefits.  
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