Age or liver spots are caused by years of exposure of the skin to the sun. They are caused by naturally(hereditary), stress or aging. It usually occurs on the face, hands, back and chest regions.  
Below are natural and home made remedies to reduce age spots.They are cheaper,safer and can be gotten at home. 

Lemon juice can be used to get rid of brown spots. It also helps to maintain a blemish free skin. 
Apply fresh lemon juice directly on the
affected area. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with warm or cold water. Do this twice daily,until you notice positive results. You can also mix it honey and bentonite clay and use it as a scrub,to get positive results .
Note:Do not go out into the sun without a sunscreen or sun block. Lemon juice makes your skin sensitive to sun rays and can cause sunburns. Always use it preferably at night.  

Castor oil can be used effectively to get rid of brown spots or age spots.
 Apply castor oil on the affected area.
 Gently massage the area for a few minutes.
 Leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off with warm or cold water. 
Do this twice daily to help fade the spots. Other oils that can be used include Vitamin E or Almond oil.

For Vitamin E, simply apply the oil twice daily on the affected area or bust a capsule on a teaspoon and apply the oil. 
Before using this procedure, ensure you exfoliate twice a week to allow the oil penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Garlic/onion paste can help get rid of age spots. Simply apply after exfoliating and allow to rest for 30-40 minutes. Then wash off with lemon grass/lime soap. 
                      Lemon grass soap

Papaya juice contains active lightening ingredients and can be used to get rid of spots. Mash the pawpaw and apply on face. Leave on for 30-40 mins, then wash off. You can also mix it with lemon juice to get faster results. 

NOTE:Before using any of the above recipes, ensure you exfoliate at least twice a week, using a quality scrub (such as bentonite clay, activated charcoal),a soap(such as lemon grass soap or any product containing glycolic acid) and most importantly, a sunscreen with SPF 50 to protect the skin from sunrays. 
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Goat milk is a common ingredient that is usually used in making soaps and cream. The Hausas in Nigeria use it in preparing a drink called 'Wura' but I'm interested in its benefits to the skin.
Nowadays, companies use it more as a lightening agent but it is a great moisturizer and very good for people with dry or sensitive skin.
It is quite useful for treating acne, sun burns and can be used to lighten spots. But it is quite difficult to get it in its raw form as goat milk production and processing is not quite popular in this part of the world. 
But you can get it from local farmers who milk goats or the processed/canned form  can be gotten from stores.I once purchased K-brothers goat milk soap and I absolutely loved it. I have been unable to get my hands on it again, but I have used other brands that are equally amazing.
Here is a facial recipe that you would absolutely love. 

Make a paste with canned fresh
goat's milk, baking soda and honey.
Apply on the face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. 
Leave on the face for 10-20 mins, then wash off with warm water.

This recipe is great for both exfoliating, moisturizing, clearing spots and treating acne. 
I prefer organic or home made goat milk soaps and creams because it is usually made from raw goat milk and only essential or carrier oils are added hence you can select the fragrance or type you prefer. You can also get results in a short time. 

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Anytime I visit Instagram, I am always bombarded by pictures of ladies with big butts and hips. I am always left wondering, if they were actually natural or had undergone surgery. I have always known there were creams for that but I never trusted those creams because most of them were made from chemical ingredients that I couldn’t even comprehend.
But these days the reverse is the case. I went online recently after seeing a product and proceeded to find out more about this product. It got my attention  when I noticed  it claimed to be made from 100% natural ingredients. I did the first thing I usually do when I see a new product. I checked for ingredients  but imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find a single reasonable ingredient. It also contained no company address whatsoever.
I went online to check for this product and noticed there were different types of this same product online, all claiming to contain 100% natural ingredients and promising to produce noticeable results in one week.
Ofcourse, it might produce results but I am skeptical of these products. How is it possible that there are different type of the product all from one doctor in Ivory Coast? Why is there no company website for the product in this 21st century? Why are the ingredients not listed out? Is it registered by a genuine national or world health body?
As much as I would love to have bigger butt and hips, but not at the expense of my health. If it is made from natural ingredients and no side effect, at least list them out. We don’t need the recipe.
I'm still searching for a product  in Nigeria or Africa that would answer all these questions . For now, IsoSensuals (Get it here!) answers some of my questions but I haven’t used it yet but when I do, I would give a first hand review and shout it to the roof tops