For two weeks, I paid no attention to my skin at all, due to my exams. I would only take my bathe and head to class without moisturizer, face cream or sunscreen  .
Well, let's just say I paid for it dearly. My skin is quite sensitive, hence my face was filled with rashes, and my complexion became darker and dull.
I knew, I had to do something asap, as I was going to visit some friends and wanted to look my best. I don't really like heaping foundation or concealer on my face to hide spots or whatever, so I prefer my skin being smooth at all times.
The first thing I did, was to try this basic recipe and regimen.

Tresses and Body Turmeric Oil-2200 Naira
Swissgarde Tea Tree Oil- 4000 Naira
Lady Diana Apricot Scub-1300 Naira

I created a scrub using salt, honey and tea tree oil. I left it on my face for quite some time before washing off.  

I also washed my face with Tetmosol medicated soap. Allowed it to stay on my face for quite some time before rinsing off. Thereafter I applied Turmeric oil on my face and went to bed.
The next day I repeated the same procedure, but this time I made use of an apricot scrub with honey.

The result was as I expected, the rashes reduced drastically, my face was smoother and I didn't have to use so much concealer, I only applied it under my eyes and my brows.
I still use the turmeric oil every night and I'm simply loving it. I have used this regimen for treating acne or rashes for a long time and I have never been disappointed. You can try it at home if you have rashes or acne and want a quick fix, I am sure you would love it. 
This is one question that is always on my mind whenever I go skincare shopping. I know it is the same with some people, as I have been asked this question over and over again.
Both are useful and basically serve the same purpose. These days, the face wipes is more in vogue, with some people even using baby wipes. That shows how much people prefer it.
Last week, I went around asking some ladies their prefered choice. Most of the ladies opted for face wipes because it is quite easy to use. You don't have to worry about cotton wools or the stress of using the cleanser,  after a long stressful day. All you have to do is use the wipes to clean your face and viola!, you are done.
Some also complained about having reactions and outbreaks, once they stop using the cleanser for a few weeks. I think, I have also noticed such on my face, but I also think it depends on the products.

Well, this doesn't mean that the cleanser is all bad, because there are some awesome cleansers out there that serve unique purpose. Well, I like cleansers because you can add whatever you want to it. I'm very fond of adding lemon juice to my cleansers.

Moreover, not all cleansers serve the same purposes. Some are used for different skin types. I don't expect someone with dry skin,  to use a cleanser containing  alcohol and common chemicals, like sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate,as it might cause more drying of the skin.

Whether opting for liquid cleansers or face wipes, here are some basic buying guides.
1) Read the ingredients before buying one. If you have dry skin, stay away from products containing sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate. Look for a gentle cleanser that moisturizes.

If you have oily skin, use water based cleansers, anti acne, medicated cleansers or cleansing gels. 

If you have sensitive skin, be careful  about using products that contain fragrances and preservatives, I don't use any product that containing herbal fragrance, I use organics but not herbal fragrance. The breakouts usually take a year, once they appear, before they clear out.

2. Look towards organics. Like I said, I usually add a teaspoon of lemon juice to my cleanser and they help in cleansing and preventing acne outbreak. Please know what suits your acne. Any product with carotene or carrot oil is a no-no for me. It might be very effective on others, but for me, it causes pimples and boils. 

3. Look for a product that has sun screen element if you are opting for a skin lightening cleanser or make sure you use a sun block before stepping out. 
For face wipes, if you can't get an exfoliant, get a wipe with exfoliating properties. 

I would love to hear from you. Which do you prefer and which particular brand, do you love? 
There's been so many requests about skin lightening products. I am not against skin lightening. Everyone has a right to choose what they want, as long as they are doing it the right way, not endangering their health and feel comfortable in their skin.

I'm always an advocate for skin beauty. It's your only covering in this life, so handle it with care.
My first choice, when it comes to recommending skin lightening products, would always be organics.
I have been a lover of organic products before I started this blog, because you get to know what's going into your skin. Some of the best skin lightening creams, I know of,  are actually organics. Though expensive,  they do the job. They lighten from within, leaving no uneven marks, no acne, what soever. The reviews are also mind blowing.
I use lemon and lime oil, and I love it.

So I can practically get all my DIY ingredients from her.
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