For a couple of months,  due to my busy and stressful schedule, I totally forgot about exfoliating and the result was chapped, dark circles, under my eyes and rough skin. My complexion was dull and I had breakouts. I knew I had to do something, as soon as possible. 
So, some couple of days ago, after washing my hair, I proceeded to use my homemade conditioner consisting of just egg whites and honey. I applied it to avoid breakage as well as to protect my scalp and I used the remaining to make a richer face scrub. 

I mixed 'Yoko'  papaya sea salt with the egg whites and honey, applied it all over my face in a circular motion. I washed it after 20 minutes,after which I applied my Tresses and Organics citrus oil over my face and went to bed. 
And the result..... a smoother face, clearer and younger looking skin. Though the dark circles remained, it wasn't as prominent as before, so it's definitely an improvement. I keep touching my face, quite often(I know it's wrong) but I can't help it.  I love how it feels and I would try to do it over and over again (once a week, at least). This is one thing that is completely inexpensive, stress free and very effective. 
And for those complaining about products not working,do you exfoliate at least once a week? This might be the cause. You can try it and thank me later.