Apart from being a skincare enthusiast, I am an avid book reader. Imagine my joy when a friend (Victor) gave me a copy of Amara Van Lare's book. (It has been on the top of the wishlist for quite some time). I love and stalk her blog: www.amaraofficial.com because it has been a blessing to my personal life.
When I started reading the book, I couldn't stop. When I got to the middle, I started crying (I'm an emotional person)  and at the end I became angry  (lol). 

I became angry because I live in a society where marriage is the final destination for a girl. A girl is encouraged start looking for a husband once she clocks 20. After endless reading in school, you are told, your duty lies in the kitchen and 'the other room',  to stay in a shop and dump your certificate because that is what your husband wants . Hence, girls are often given out to the highest bidder or richest suitor who can take care of the whole family. We are taught that a wealthy home is a happy home, hence if you ain't married to an already wealthy guy, you are more or less at the bottom of the social ladder..

 Last week, my cousins introduced a guy to my mum, because he was very rich, an importer and would solve all our family's monetary problems. He was looking for a tall, young and beautiful lady. He saw my sister's picture and he liked her... Just like that.. 

Well, my sister is quite headstrong, she refused and told them out-rightly, she wasn't interested in the guy. Period.. End of question. 
To me, this book  'A Raging River' is an eye opener. It talks about so many issues affecting the girl child, especially in Africa and Nigeria. It's a book, every single/married woman has to read and every mother has to give to her daughter(s).

 It's a true life story about a girl who went through hell and emerged a better, stronger woman. It addresses issues, most women face in marriage. I couldn't have imagined that these things happen in marriages. (God knows I won't be able to withstand half of what she went through)

 I now have a better understanding of what to expect, when I finally want to settle down  I listened to Kelly Clarkson's 'stronger' reading this and the words of that song, summarized the whole book. 
'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger '. 
I love this book and I don't see it leaving my shelf anytime soon. 
Thank you, Amara for this book. I learnt so much from it. 

A copy is sold for 3,000 Naira and can be gotten from me.  Trust me when I say, this is a perfect gift for this season.. 
Over the past few weeks, I have been extremely busy, hence writing or doing anything has been practically impossible except for the classes which I can't stop. 
But regardless of my work schedule, I managed to make one of my favorite oils-carrot oil last week. 

Carrots are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and a whole lot of other antioxidants. Initially I was a bit skeptical about this oil as I have had breakouts when using products containing carotene or carrot oil, but after using Clear nature carrot cream without having breakouts, I decided to explore everything carrot. 

Carrot oil  has wonderful conditioning properties. I love it because it unifies and tones the skin complexion, slows down aging, heals damaged skin, slows down signs of aging, stimulates hair growth,  and is the perfect moisturizer for this season.
It is very easy to make,very affordable and can last for up to three months.

To make this super rich oil, I used;

Manual grinder 
Stainless plate or pan
Bottles or plastic container
Sieve or cloth (to sieve out carrot residue)

Carrot-2 pieces
Coconut oil - 3 tbsps 
Vitamin E oil-2 tbsps 
Turmeric oil - 1 tbsp

   1. Make sure the carrots are washed and aired for about 3 hours-this reduces the water content in the carrots and increases the shelf life of the carrots. 
   2. Use a knife to scrape out the skin of the carrots
   3. Grate the carrot using a manual blender

4. Pour the grated carrots into the pan or stainless plate
5.Pour the oils over the grated carrots and mix. 


  6. Place on a cooker or stove for 3 minutes.
  7. Make sure the heat is low as we only want to warm the mixture not boil or fry.
  8. Pour into bottles and allow to settle for 24hrs.

  9.Strain using a sieve to get a clear liquid.

Usually, people make use of different oils such as coconut or olive oil,but I used some of my favorite oils. They are all super duper moisturizers,makes the skin firmer,reduces aging lines and the best part,no reactions or breakouts since I started using it. You can make yours at home using your favorite oils. For a lightening carrot oil,simply add any additive of your choice, lightening serum or oil to the mixture.

As a skincare enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to improve my business,  So, as a shrewd business woman, I took advantage of Konga's Black Friday deals to shop for some kitchen utensils that would be of use to me. I ordered some pretty good stuff which were very affordable and a necessity to me and every skincare enthusiast out there.
Here they are;


 I ordered this immediately I saw it, My hand blender is about 2 years old and  I really need a new one, as my old one is 'somehow' faulty. The specifications looked nice, the reviews were okay and it was very affordable .BUY NOW


I have always been a fan of Century products and I have one of these ( I bought one from Jumia last year).  I had to order for an aunt who needed a blender urgently but needed the exact one I had. It is  affordable, durable  and very useful for mixing and making of creams, oils, shower gels, cosmetic powders and so on. BUY NOW


 I have about two which are quite indispensable to me but I needed one more,so I ordered this. Casserole pots are something I make use of everyday. I use them for melting butters, oils, emulsifying wax.....Infact, I use mine anytime I want to make something skincare ,,, BUY NOW

If you don't have any of these, please place an order through the links to get one. The Black Friday promo is still on, hence you can get yours at a lesser price. If you don't have any of these, then it would be quite difficult, if you intend making creams from scratch. They are very necessary for creams, body butters and soap making. If you are planning on starting a skincare business, the above listed items are absolute must haves.

Yours Sincerely.

It's the month of November, the month where you can buy goods with more than 30% discount and my favorite part- FREE SHIPPING!!!!!. In Nigeria, the price of shipping a product is usually more than the product itself, depending on location.

Many shopping platforms have started their Black Friday mumbo jumbo deals and some of the prices of these products are simply jaw dropping.

As a skincare enthusiast, I noticed that the time  I spend looking for skincare products online has increased sporadically this month. While others spend time looking for gadgets and  fashion items, I look for beauty and skincare products. (Don't blame me, it's an obsession)

I am currently keeping tabs on three different shopping platforms and they are Jumia, Konga and Amazon.


Their Black Friday deal started on 14th of November and would end on the 25th November.
Every product is shipped free of charge.


Theirs start on the 18th November and would end on the 21st November. It promises to be the biggest shopping event of the year in Nigeria. There is also free shipping for all products.


Shop Amazon - Countdown to Black Friday

Though their black Friday deals is ending today, it is not too late to make one or two purchases. It is one of my favorite shopping platforms as you can get, most of what you want. Also, you can check out our Amazon store; here for your skincare products. We stock top of the range beauty and skincare products with amazing reviews, hence you won't be disappointed.

Also, remember to shop for kitchen appliances such as blenders, mixers and microwave ovens which is very important, if you are interested in the skincare business.

Why don't you save the dates and check these sites daily for amazing offers.

WARNING! - You might end up with the shopping fever like I did but it's a good thing.
Reviewing a product is one aspect of blogging I love and this is a product I have been wanting to review but I had to wait to start noticing results before writing anything.

So, a relative has been using this product for over a year now, she actually recommended this last year to me, but I was a bit skeptical because I wanted to see its effects on her skin before recommending.

She arrived Lagos and was already on her fourth bottle. I loved her complexion when I saw her and was quite pleased with how she was looking.  I was a bit scared of her complexion turning to red because she's naturally fair in complexion but I noticed no sign of that, rather her complexion was spotless and uniform.

Buy from Jumia

Trust me, I just had to try it out on my skin. She gave me about  ten tablespoons out of the bottle to use, hence I started using it.

Now here's my verdict.

Week 1: I was scared of using it because it contains carrot oil and I always react to anything carrot. Surprisingly, there was no reaction, not a single spot on my face and most importantly no uneveness in my whole complexion from head to toe.
Buy from Konga

Week 2:
My complexion was up to two shades lighter (I was satisfied with that, I really didn't want the ten shades stuff). I had no bumps, no reactions whatever.
(This picture was not edited, no filters and I didn't use foundations or concealers. I prefer using white, talcum or any oil control powder. I used a concealer for my brows and under my eyes only).

Week 3:
I had to stop using it morning and night because I was getting lighter than I wanted. So,I used it at night and Olive Moisturizing oil during the day.
Also, I noticed that despite the fact that I usually go out into the sun quite often (and the sun isn't smiling at all), I didn't get sunburned. Though I would always recommend sunblock, continuing without one would definitely get sunburned and that is something I really don't want.

Since I started using it, I noticed I was sweating more than I used to,  (which is one of the reasons I stopped using it during the day). Hence if you sweat a lot, I would advise you to limit using it or look for another product.

 I don't know if I would continue using it for long but I'm quite satisfied with the effects so far. It's quite affordable, about 4,000 Naira.
You can use it with the soap for a better effect. I can't say if it lightens up to 5 shades as I haven't seen anyone who has lightened up to such shade, using the cream).
It's good for all skin types but I think my dry skinned sisters would love it more.

I have been recommending it to some people, because my experience with it has been mostly positive so far.
What's your experience with this product?

Yay or Nay? 
Addictives are usually some of the most important ingredients in handmade creams and lotion formulations. It is mostly used for super lightening purposes. They can be in form of ampoules, serums, solutions e.t.c

They perform a wide range of functions which include skin lightening, complexion boosting, complexion unifying, knuckle eraser, stretch marks eraser and so much more. Sometimes you have to use more than one bottle of same brand or different bottles of different brands to get perfect  results. 

It is quite necessary to have a basic knowledge of them as some might cause adverse effects if not used properly. 
The popular ones which are quite favoured by mixologists include kojic acid, glutathione powder, alpha arbutin, licorice extract, vitamin c absorbic acid, Niacinamide, magic kenacol, crude kenacol, nature secret oil,moroccan whitening oil, kojie san oil, magic white oil, rapid white oil and so on..... 
Most whitening/lightening additives are water soluble ingredients and can be added to creams, soaps, scrubs and oils. 


First, dissolve with water by adding drop by drop of water to the additive in a separate bowl, then stir dissolved additive into your cream or lotion
If adding to previously made cream and it's very thick and stiff, you may want to remove from container, place in another bowl, use hand mixer to mix, then transfer back to the container. Often you can simply stir it right into the cream. 
Below, is an example of a recipe which makes perfect use of addictives. 

Take half cup of your base cream and add
Nature secrete face cream- 3 tbsps
Quick clear serum-2 tbsps 
Lavender oil- 2 tsps
Magic Kenacol - 2 tsps
Mix dem together for a perfect blend. For any desired effect, simply add any desired oil of your choice. 

Which addictives are your most preferred and how do you apply them? I would love to hear from you. 

Until my next post, remain blessed. 

The best skin lightening or beautifying  kits usually include an oil. It is assumed that the oil increases the lightening effect in such products. The most popular ones include Egyptian Oil, Talking Oil, Moroccan Oil, Half Caste Oil,  Flawless Oil and so on.... 

These oils assume their name, not based on the countries by which they are named after, but rather based on their effect. For example, the half caste oil is supposed to make one look like an halfcaste while the flawless oil is supposed to make one look flawless. 

These oils are most times essential or carrier oils mixed with various lightening serums or actives. The serums are usually very active, that it is only suitable for health use when mixed with essential or carrier oils. 

Some are made with lightening ampoules, bleaching oils, citric or  glycolic acid and so on. The more the quantity of these serums, the more ligthening effects it produces. 

Do they work?  Yes, they do but only if you are lucky to get a genuine mixologist who knows her job well and who has got proof or good reviews from clients.

There are some good mixologists whose oils do wonders. Their reviews are outstanding and some client can't stop talking about them........ 

They would be discussed in my next post based on reviews and complaints. If you believe your product deserves to be in the list or you know someone whose products are so amazing, kindly let us know and they would be included in my next post. 
Until my next post.... cheers..... 

It's no secret to my ardent followers that I'm an organic freak. If you haven't gotten on board, then you are on a long thing.......

I recently bought an handmade soap...made with lemongrass black soap to be precise due to occurrence of rashes and whiteheads on my face. I was a bit reluctant to get one because I have used a black soap in the past and my experience with it was not funny at all. I used Swissgarde T-Basics cream patiently, for good six months to get rid of the scars, I haven't touched one since then.
But I got one from my favorite supplier, Lynda Mpoch after I saw the reviews and I'm glad I did. I do not regret in anyway buying it. It was a good choice.

Let's just say, I am already hooked onto it. I would be getting a second bar next week.
I use it with my herbal serum mixed with coconut oil and I'm so loving it. Oh!  I still get breakouts (bound to happen if you have oily skin) but they don't last long, no whiteheads, no rashes and my skin is softer. And to crown it all, she just told me of the Honey- frankincense, Neem-turmeric soaps in stock.

I almost cried.... They are currently on my wishlist. I would definitely get one or two next week.
What more can I say?... I love organics!!!!!! Come on board. 
Happy new month to everyone. This is my first post in this month, so I decided to do a product review. Here it goes :

I came back from a field trip and was welcomed by a family member. I immediately noticed her skin tone was lighter, not whitish or that color you notice when one is using a bleaching cream.
So I asked what she was using, she said 'Bronze Tone'.

After a couple of weeks, she noticed the sides of her face was darker and she called my attention to it, seeking for a product to even her skin tone.
I gave her my handmade lotion (made with coconut oil, turmeric oil and a skin corrector serum) and lemongrass soap to use on her face while I recommended olive oil for her feet and knuckles.
Its been two weeks since she stopped using the cream, though she still uses it on her body. She applies my handmade cream on her face and use the olive oil for her feet. Her complexion is quite toned now and the marks have almost faded.

Personally, I think the cream is good for skin lightening but it contains no sunscreen, hence the sun burn issue. I also think if you use it for long, you might get an uneven skin tone.

To use it, I recommend mixing it with a complexion unifier serum and using a sunscreen when going out.
You can also just use it for a couple of weeks until you get your desired skin tone, then stop.
As for the ingredients, I have no idea what most of them are, although I see no hydroquinone or kojic. The recognizable ones are stearic acid, cocoa butter, glycerine, honey extracts and citric acid.

So there you have it, a review. I hope you love this. Have a blessed week.

Please note:Most of the reviews on this blog are first hand, which means it has been used by me, a family member or friends. Buy Bronze Tone Lotion here

Olive oil is a staple product found in most homes. Infact, 50% of all the homes in Africa use it for one purpose or the other.  In my home, it is a necessity. You can never come into my home and not find at least one bottle sitting on the shelf. Sometimes we have as much as three.
I don't use it on my skin because I have an oily skin and quite prone to breakouts. But for little sis and my mom, you can't take it from them as they have dry skin which turn flaky during the dry season.
But I still make use of it in different ways.

I use it as a conditioner for my hair.
I simply mix it with egg white and rub on my hair. I would wear a shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing off.
I do this because my hair breaks off easily, so I use the mask to strengthen my hair.

I also use it as a lip scrub.During the dry season, I do this every day. I simply mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a pinch of salt. I rub it on my lips. And voila! sexier and softer looking lips (Lol).
My cousin uses it on her baby, when asked why, she said - to prevent baby rash.

As a toner or complexion unifierRecently, a family member developed red marks or burns on her face and started seeing black marks on her feet due to a cream she was using. I suggested olive oil for the feet and an handmade cream for the face. It's over a month now, and she is seeing improvements. She has stopped using the cream and the olive oil has done wonders in fading those marks and unifying the skin tone. She still uses it and talks about it..

I also recommend olive oil facial scrub for those with dry skin.
Just mix a teaspoon of salt or brown sugar, olive oil and honey and use on face for a smoother and softer skin.

It is an awesome moisturizer, for those who need a super duper moisturizer, why don't you try the above recipe, or mix with your extreme lightening cream to tone and unify complexion (it gives a golden glow instead of whitish) when you use it that way.

Make up artists also recommend using it as a make up remover or brush cleanser. So if your cleanser isn't nearby or you end up looking for a quick fix for your make up brush, you can make do with olive oil.

How do you use olive oil? I would love to hear from you.
Have a great day
I never knew of this root plant until my supplier drew my attention to it. She made a body scrub with the powder and sent a sample to me. I immediately used it to prepare a body scrub for me and sis. We absolutely loved the feel on our skin. The results were amazing. I still make it for clients(The recipe is listed on my ebook, it's always a winner, so get a copy). 

Beetroot is good for health in general. It is being used in treatment of cancers but for the skin, it lightens, smoothens and make the complexion glow. 
I use it when making scrubs so as to get rid of spots, improve dull complexion, slough away dead skin cells and make the skin smoother and softer. 

Photo credit:Tresses and body organics

The recipe I use occasionally is listed below (Not the same as that in my book).This recipe would be able to make a small bowl of scrub that can be used immediately. 

DIY Beetroot Scrub
Brown sugar or Gram flour : 8 tbsps
 Vitamin E Capsules : 5
Beetroot powder:8 tbsp
Honey:3 tbsps
Sandalwood powder : 8 tbsps.
Pure lemon juice: 2 tbsps
Coconut milk :5 tbsps 
Puncture the vitamin capsules into a clean plate to get the oil. Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Apply on the skin in a circular motion and leave on for a total of 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
These scrub is a lightening scrub. It is meant to revive dull complexion, prevent acne, cleanse the skin to give it a luminous glow. Use twice a week to give your complexion a boost. 
I hope you love this. Until my next post... stay beautiful.... 
Finally, my ebook is out!  How to make body creams and butters. It is a book that would help you start a skincare business and aldo how to make your beauty products. 
Of course people who download it are automatically added to my mailing list which means they get firsthand updates on upcoming DIY recipes and they also have free access to upcoming videos and information on how to get their ingredients for their products. 

Also, they are entitled to one free never before seen on my blog recipe each month. 
And so much more...... 
All for one thousand Naira or 3 dollars. It's quite inexpensive when compared to the amount of creams you buy at the store and the benefits to be realized. You may say it's too good to be true but it is true. It's my way of saying thank you to my loyal visitors and saying welcome to new ones. 
If the SELZ checkout platform is too stressful, the account details are
ACCOUNT NUMBER :3077478707 

ATM, bank deposits and wire transfer are all accepted. Please use your email as the depositors name when paying. The ebook would be sent to the email address, once payment is confirmed. 
Sometimes, you get these reactions on your face looking like rashes. Sometimes, they happen as a result of clogged pores due to sweat and dirts. 
Your skin pores become enlarged due to the accumulated sweat, dirt and oil. It happens frequently on my face when I don't exfoliate or steam my face. Steaming helps to open and clear skin pores. 
There are so many products in the market that supposedly will tighten your skin and decrease the appearance of large pores. Still, there are natural remedies that you can prepare at your home and will help you to solve this problem.
Some are listed below and are extremely effective. They are quite affordable and can be gotten from your local market. 
Water and Baking Soda

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda until you get nice paste. Apply on your face and leave it to dry about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
Egg White and Lemon juice

For the preparation of this natural face mask you will need few drops of lemon juice and 2 egg whites. Whisk the egg whites and the lemon juice together. Apply the resulted mixture on your face and leave it dry for 10 minutes and wash with cool water. This can be used for tightening of  skin pores and  help remove dead skin cells and oil.
Tomato and Lime Juice

One of my favorites, very affordable and easily gotten from my backyard. 
Blend or mash the tomatoes. Sieve to get the juice. Add 2 – 4 drops of lime juice to it. Apply the liquid on your face with cotton balls and leave it to stay on your face for 15 minutes. After that, rinse your face with cool water.
 The mixture tightens your skin, eradicates excess oil and closes your pores.
Almond,evaporated milk or yoghurt and Lime Juice

In a small bowl  of water add few almonds and leave them soak during the night. The next morning mash the almonds until you get nice paste. Add 1 teaspoon of lime juice and milk or yogurt . Apply on your face and leave for half 30 mins. Wash with cool water. This helps to clear dark spots, age spots and black heads. It also brightens the face and closes pores. 
I hope you love this. 
I have a very sensitive skin and get outbreaks when I sweat or eat junks. Also, when I am under stress, I found out my complexion becomes so dull and would have rashes and whiteheads all over my face. 
Well, the past few weeks have been very stressful for me due to the release of my book. I sleep late and wake up very early to continue working. Well, let me just say, the evidence was on my face but I wasn't bothered. I simply ordered for an anti acne soap from Tresses and body. She gave me an anti pollution silver cleansing cream from Vaadi Herbals. I was so delighted. Also, I made my own anti acne glow cream from argan oil, neem butter and some actives. 

I started using the cream on Wednesday while I picked up the soap on Saturday. 

When I applied the cleansing cream on my face, it felt as if an hundred ants were on my face. As for the soap,the feeling intensified but I noticed my skin pores became tighter, the whiteheads became less visible and my skin became clearer and brighter after washing off. 

I love my new regime and it's really working wonders. I no longer bother about funds for my beauty products. Most times I make mine or order for handmade soaps when I'm extremely busy. 
Honestly, I love organics. They work faster and are quite affordable to make. But around this region, they are usually more expensive than store brands. 
You can start making your own amazing and  affordable skincare products with the recipes from my book, so do not forget, it would be online from the 17th of September, 2016 for only 1,000 Naira or 3 dollars. You can't afford to miss this offer and opportunity. 

  I promised writing a recipe from my upcoming book, so that you can have an idea of what you would be spending your money on.  So here's a recipe from my book : HOW TO MAKE BODY CREAMS AND BUTTERS
I got this recipe from a blog about two years ago, when I started trying out cream making but I couldn't get some of the ingredients on the original recipe, hence I had to modify it and add some ingredients I found that suited my needs
It is one of my favorite recipes and can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. You can add or subtract the ingredients,depending on what you need.
With these recipe,you can make a cream that is luxurious, creamy, easily penetrable and has no greasy feel. You can use it for a flawless and smoother complexion. It lightens dark spots, nourishes, smoothens the skin and also prevents acne.  It is also one hell of a moisturizer. You can make this for yourself or your clients and wait for that happy feedback.  Enjoy!
All-Purpose Face Cream
1 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup avocado butter
1/4 cup mango butter
3 tablespoons beeswax
2 teaspoons strawberry or lemon glycerine (optional)
2 teaspoons of strawberry oil 
2 teaspoons grapeseed oil
2 teaspoons neem oil
2 teaspoons vitamin E oil
1/2 cup hydrosol (like rosewater,lavender, vanilla, jasmine etc.)
Cream base
(1). For the general face cream, combine the coconut oil, the butters and beeswax in bowl  on the top of a double boiler over low heat  or place in a microwave for 3 minutes.
(2). Cook, stirring constantly, until the beeswax has melted completely and the mixture is smooth. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes.
(3). Once cooled, empty the mixture into a blender and remove the center hole from the cap, so that you can add ingredients while the blender is running. 
(4). Turn the blender on to medium speed and add the concentrated oils, glycerine( how to make lemon glycerine extract)  and vitamin E oil. 
(5). Then add the hydrosol in a thin, steady stream. Allow it to continue to blend, over time it will turn into a thick, pudding consistency which can take a few minutes.
 (6). Once it reached the right consistency, add the strawberry oil,neem oil, grapeseed oil and allow to blend for another 30 seconds.
(7). Turn the blender off and empty the mixture into glass jars . Allow to cool, before closing and refrigerating. 
This cream should be preserved in a refrigerator as it contains no preservative but it can last for up to 5 weeks. It should be made in small batches as it can be exhausted quickly in that way.
For the lightening or brightening cream version, repeat the above steps but do not use the beeswax . Once you get to step 7, pour the contents into the whitening cream base and mix before pouring into jars or bottles. Enjoy!
Join my facebook page here for more updates.
A wonderful week to all my readers and visitors. I want to say a very big thank you to all my loyal readers and a big welcome to the visitors who make this blog their first stop when surfing the web. I have some goods news for you. Drumroll, please............

 My skincare book would be available for purchase online  from the 17th of September 2016. I am super duper excited about it. I have turned down offers to start an online training class due to this. The book is a detailed cream making and body butter making book.

It contains recipes that would help you start a flourishing skincare business and also have that glowing flawless skin. It include recipes on how to make body moisturizers, all purpose cream, Egyptian milk, black knuckles cream,quick fix cream,mango butter, Neem butter e.t.c.So bear in mind, this book is a must get, if you want to start your skincare business or simply make your creams at home.

The book contains a total of fifteen awesome handmade body creams and butters for every skin type, which would make your customers screaming for more. They are all very effective and the materials can be sourced from either the local market or online stores anywhere in the world especially Nigeria. 

When I was writing these recipes, I thought about the basic needs of the everyday woman,her skin problems and her skin desires. One woman wants to have a glowing flawless skin, another wants to lighten her skin in a natural and healthy way and another wants to maintain her complexion and produce her own skin care line. hence the recipes were carefully selected and written down bearing all these in mind.

They are written in clear simple language with illustrations. and as a bonus  for buying this book,every buyer gets a free perfume recipe and detailed addresses of where to source for these ingredients at low cost prices directly from my mailbox. The book is a pdf format and can be bought from Gumroad. This is to enable visitors from all over the world have access to the book.

Gumroad is a trusted  and very safe e-commerce platform that transacts payments from cards and Pay pal. You can also use wireless transfer to pay into my account and the pdf file would be sent immediately to your mailbox on confirmation of payment.
The book is not expensive as my desire is to make it affordable for everyone but it would only be out for a very limited time. It costs 1000 Naira or 3 dollars if paying through Gumroad and if you want to set a pre-order so as to get your copy immediately it is published, kindly contact me or set a pre-order on Gumroad.

I would be posting one of the recipes in my next post,so cross your arms,lean back and get a taste of my book.
Orange oil is extracted from orange peels. It is quite rich in VItamin C and can be used as a base for both soap and cream making.  It can be applied directly onto the skin or mixed with your favourite moisturizer or tone.

It can be used to treat acne or make the skin luminous. It is usually advisable to apply at night or use sunscreen during the day because the oil is sensitive to sun rays, hence it can cause sun burns if applied during the day. It can also be used as an alternative to Vitamin C serum.
Here's a video tutorial on how to make orange oil.

Orange peels
Alcohol or vodka
Knife or food processor 
Two jars with covers
Paper towels or cheese cloth

1. Peel the orange peel on a tray  and let them air dry until the peels are rock hard or they can break easily. 
2. Cut them into smaller pieces and place them inside a jar.  
3.Pour the vodka or alcohol into the jar.  Make sure the pieces are completely covered. 
4.  Cover the jar and shake to release the oil several times a day for several days. The longer you let the peels soak, the more oil that will be extracted .
5.Filter using the sieve or strainer. 
6. Place a paper towel or cheese cloth on top of the jar. Let the liquid sit until the alcohol has evaporated, leaving only the essential oil. You can mix spices such as sandalwood to get other added benefits.  
Tonto Dike, a top Nigerian actress signed a multi million dollars contract with Nature Essence USA, the makers of the Swiss Collagen  Cream. She posted the news on Instagram about two days ago.

Nature Essence has been in the Nigerian Market for quite a while and their products is a favorite amongst Nigerian Ladies. The product is a good one if you can get the original.

To know if its original, check for a scratch panel on the cream. Scratch it and send the code to a number written on the product. If it's original, a message would be sent back to you confirming if it is or not. To purchase the original and instructions on how to use it for maximum results, kindly use any of the numbers on the contact page to get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you. 
According to Wikipedia, an oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains the "essence of" the plant's fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived.  Essential oils are derived from different parts of aromatic plants. 
The oils are used in a number of ways, from skin-care products to aromatherapy. There are a handful of commonly-used oils that can be found easily at local heath-food stores or specialty shop. 
I make regular use of four of them. They include Tea Tree, Lemon oil, Coconut oil snd Tumeric oil. I use the Tea tree for treating acne, the Tumeric for my hair and feet. I used the Citrus oil for a while until it got exhausted. I used it every night after applying my body cream (my body cream is light on the skin and the Citrus oil is also light, hence it gets absorbed quickly into my skin). 

Nowadays, I use coconut oil every day (regularly at night, during the day when I'm indoors) and I love it. My skin is smoother, even and glowing. It smoothens the skin and also gets rid of rashes. 
Coconut oil is also safe to use on babies and pregnant women. Infact, to prevent stretch marks on pregnant women, it is usually advisable for pregnant women to apply it on their skin when pregnant. And for babies, instead of apply numerous lotions to cure rashes, you can use it to prevent rashes fron springing up on their skin. How to make coconut oil

Also for people using over the counter lightening products, it is very advisable to combine it with the cream so as to prevent stretch marks or uneven skin tone. If its too heavy, try alternating them on different days or simply use other essential oils which are light in consistency. Some include :
Tea tree oil-a very powerful antiseptic and antibacterial essential oil. Tea tree oil can be used to treat fungal infections such as athletes foot and nail infections, relieves itching caused by insect bites and can be used to treat gingivitis or bad breath. 

Rose oil is a great multi-purpose oil, but it can be very costly due to the difficult extraction process. It can be used to treat eczema, depression, stress and symptoms of menopause and sexual dysfunction. 

Lemon oil , similar in fragrance to the fruit. Unlike other essential oils, lemon oil is usually cold pressed. It can be used medicinally, as an antiseptic, and in cosmetics.

 Lemongrass is used to help treat fevers and infections. In Nigeria, it is used to prepare 'Agbo' - an herbal condition used to treat fever. The oil is very useful for insect repellent.

Lime, Lemon and Orange oil -anti septic, anti viral, astringent,bactericidal, disinfectant,
restorative and tonic. Orange oil , like lemon oil , cold pressed rather thandistilled. Consists of 90% d- Limonene . Used as a
fragrance, in cleaning products and in flavoring foods. 

Others include Carrot oil, Neem Oil, Coconut oil, Tumeric oil, Moringa oil, Grapeseed oil, Fenugreek oil. 
These oils are also essential to every beauty routine. Some of them are good moisturizers, toners, cleansers, firmers and lighteners. Their fragrance is also quite awesome. It is highly recommended for people in their 20's and above to use oils with moisturizing properties. It slows down aging, making it firmer and lumininous. 
Essential oils are used in both soap and cream production. Some are used as base while some are applied directly onto the skin.. 
How do you make use of Essential oil? Would love to hear from you. 

MOM (Milk Of Magnesia) caught my attention, when I saw it at a friend's place. She said she had been using it to treat breakouts and acne on her face. So, I went online and also proceeded to ask some dermatologists and pharmacists residing close to where I stay, for their opinion on MOM. I also read more articles and reviews before arriving at my conclusion.

Milk of Magnesia otherwise known as magnesium is an ancient medicine used as a laxative. This milky white liquid is made from magnesium hydroxide, water and sodium hypochlorite. It was first used to treat stomach pain and sold under the brand Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia before people started using it to treat acne.
This product has been widely used topically to treat dandruff, acne and other skin conditions. 
It is effective in dealing with oily skin and prevents appearance of scars. It is an inexpensive alternative to those looking to control oily skin, bumps, blackspots and white heads. 
But, there is a problem in using it regularly . Usually, good skincare products are formulated within the skin’s pH range (from 5 to 8) but Milk Of Magnesia has a PH of 10.5, which is way too high for the skin. Prolonged use of it can cause the skin to shrink,itch and might increase acne outbreak.It can also make it to to look dry and flaky and can cause slight burning. 
Hence, it is better to use it once in awhile than consistently.

 Mom can be used as a clay mask. It is a little bit more gentle than clay and a great alternative if you have a sensitive skin.
Below is a video of how to make, apply a face mask using MOM and turmeric.

Here is also a simple DIY MOM face mask. 
Two spoonfuls of MOM
A small bowl or cup
Cotton balls or wool

Pour two tablespoonfuls of Milk of Magnesia into a cup or small bowl. 
Apply to the affected part with a cotton ball or wool. 
Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. 
Apply moisturizer afterwards. 

This mask is only recommend for oily skin.Do not use on dry skin.
You can buy Milk of Magnesia at your local
drug store.The recommended type is usually the original non-flavored formula. 

In conclusion, Milk of magnesia is good for oily skin, it evens out your skin tone and helps remove impurities but it should only be used on oily skin and must not be used consistently.
What's your opinion? Do you use it only as a laxative, acne treatment or both?
Until my next post, stay blessed.

I usually tell my friends that there are three basic set of mineral powder and liquid foundations. There are the 'original ', 'original fake' and 'fake fake'. All of them are sold at different prices. You can get Iman, Milani, Mary Kay loose powders for as low as Two Hundred Naira( one dollar). It is that bad but you would be doing a huge disfavor to your skin by using any of these.
Using fake beauty products causes  skin cancer, aging, acne and itching. In order to avoid these, it is imperative you use genuine beauty products. But getting genuine products can be an herculean task in some parts of Nigeria. Hence this post is to help you identify genuine Milani mineral powder or liquid foundation.


 How To Identify Original Milani Mineral Powder
The new Milani powder comes with a unique authentication scratch pin.  
1. Scratch The PIN.
2. Send the PIN to 38353 for free
3.  Wait  until you get this sms message before you pay:
"OK. Genuine MILANI Product. Your PIN: (Your Unique PIN
will be Here). Problem? Call 08039012929 Innovative
Marketing care. Sproxil SMS"

4 . If you DO NOT get the above sms message, then it is a FAKE product. Do not buy.
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Age or liver spots are caused by years of exposure of the skin to the sun. They are caused by naturally(hereditary), stress or aging. It usually occurs on the face, hands, back and chest regions.  
Below are natural and home made remedies to reduce age spots.They are cheaper,safer and can be gotten at home. 

Lemon juice can be used to get rid of brown spots. It also helps to maintain a blemish free skin. 
Apply fresh lemon juice directly on the
affected area. Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with warm or cold water. Do this twice daily,until you notice positive results. You can also mix it honey and bentonite clay and use it as a scrub,to get positive results .
Note:Do not go out into the sun without a sunscreen or sun block. Lemon juice makes your skin sensitive to sun rays and can cause sunburns. Always use it preferably at night.  

Castor oil can be used effectively to get rid of brown spots or age spots.
 Apply castor oil on the affected area.
 Gently massage the area for a few minutes.
 Leave it on for a few hours and then wash it off with warm or cold water. 
Do this twice daily to help fade the spots. Other oils that can be used include Vitamin E or Almond oil.

For Vitamin E, simply apply the oil twice daily on the affected area or bust a capsule on a teaspoon and apply the oil. 
Before using this procedure, ensure you exfoliate twice a week to allow the oil penetrate deeply into the skin. 

Garlic/onion paste can help get rid of age spots. Simply apply after exfoliating and allow to rest for 30-40 minutes. Then wash off with lemon grass/lime soap. 
                      Lemon grass soap

Papaya juice contains active lightening ingredients and can be used to get rid of spots. Mash the pawpaw and apply on face. Leave on for 30-40 mins, then wash off. You can also mix it with lemon juice to get faster results. 

NOTE:Before using any of the above recipes, ensure you exfoliate at least twice a week, using a quality scrub (such as bentonite clay, activated charcoal),a soap(such as lemon grass soap or any product containing glycolic acid) and most importantly, a sunscreen with SPF 50 to protect the skin from sunrays. 
I would love to hear from you.Contact me for further information or for more recipes, via my contact page.  

Goat milk is a common ingredient that is usually used in making soaps and cream. The Hausas in Nigeria use it in preparing a drink called 'Wura' but I'm interested in its benefits to the skin.
Nowadays, companies use it more as a lightening agent but it is a great moisturizer and very good for people with dry or sensitive skin.
It is quite useful for treating acne, sun burns and can be used to lighten spots. But it is quite difficult to get it in its raw form as goat milk production and processing is not quite popular in this part of the world. 
But you can get it from local farmers who milk goats or the processed/canned form  can be gotten from stores.I once purchased K-brothers goat milk soap and I absolutely loved it. I have been unable to get my hands on it again, but I have used other brands that are equally amazing.
Here is a facial recipe that you would absolutely love. 

Make a paste with canned fresh
goat's milk, baking soda and honey.
Apply on the face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. 
Leave on the face for 10-20 mins, then wash off with warm water.

This recipe is great for both exfoliating, moisturizing, clearing spots and treating acne. 
I prefer organic or home made goat milk soaps and creams because it is usually made from raw goat milk and only essential or carrier oils are added hence you can select the fragrance or type you prefer. You can also get results in a short time. 

You can get goat milk soap via this blog. For enquiries, kindly click on the contact page. I would love to hear from you. 
Anytime I visit Instagram, I am always bombarded by pictures of ladies with big butts and hips. I am always left wondering, if they were actually natural or had undergone surgery. I have always known there were creams for that but I never trusted those creams because most of them were made from chemical ingredients that I couldn’t even comprehend.
But these days the reverse is the case. I went online recently after seeing a product and proceeded to find out more about this product. It got my attention  when I noticed  it claimed to be made from 100% natural ingredients. I did the first thing I usually do when I see a new product. I checked for ingredients  but imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find a single reasonable ingredient. It also contained no company address whatsoever.
I went online to check for this product and noticed there were different types of this same product online, all claiming to contain 100% natural ingredients and promising to produce noticeable results in one week.
Ofcourse, it might produce results but I am skeptical of these products. How is it possible that there are different type of the product all from one doctor in Ivory Coast? Why is there no company website for the product in this 21st century? Why are the ingredients not listed out? Is it registered by a genuine national or world health body?
As much as I would love to have bigger butt and hips, but not at the expense of my health. If it is made from natural ingredients and no side effect, at least list them out. We don’t need the recipe.
I'm still searching for a product  in Nigeria or Africa that would answer all these questions . For now, IsoSensuals (Get it here!) answers some of my questions but I haven’t used it yet but when I do, I would give a first hand review and shout it to the roof tops

A friend of mine bought a large amount of mango butter but was quite confused,  on what she wanted to do with it. That got me thinking and I remembered a lotion bar recipe I got from bodyunburdened. I used it to make some bars of soap for her and she absolutely loved it. 

Here is what I did and used. I was excited when making mine and I loved the result. This recipe is for people with dry or normal skin. People with sensitive or oily skin can used any desired essential oil that suits their skin. 


  • Half cup coconut oil
  • Half cup mango butter
  • ½ cup beeswax pastilles
  • 1 teaspoon of any essential oils of choice.  I used turmeric oil, lemon oil,argan oil, vitamin e and grapeseed oil. 

homemade natural lotion bar recipe


 Melt the beeswax in a bowl. 
Put the bowl in a small pot with  three or four cups of boiling water. 
Once the wax is melted, add your mango butter. After the butter is melted, add the coconut oil. 
When everything has melted, remove from the heat and add the essential oils. 
Mix and then pour the melted mixture into plastic cups of desired shapes. 
Let it cool for up to an hour so as to enable it solidify.
You can put in a fridge,  if you want it to solidify faster. 
For more of this, kindly purchase my e-book,
Most ingredients in all my DIY projects, can be gotten from your nearby organic stores. For my visitors in Nigeria, all ingredients are in stock and can be gotten at unbelievable prices. For information on how to get yours, kindly contact me through my contact addresses. 
For two weeks, I paid no attention to my skin at all, due to my exams. I would only take my bathe and head to class without moisturizer, face cream or sunscreen  .
Well, let's just say I paid for it dearly. My skin is quite sensitive, hence my face was filled with rashes, and my complexion became darker and dull.
I knew, I had to do something asap, as I was going to visit some friends and wanted to look my best. I don't really like heaping foundation or concealer on my face to hide spots or whatever, so I prefer my skin being smooth at all times.
The first thing I did, was to try this basic recipe and regimen.

Tresses and Body Turmeric Oil-2200 Naira
Swissgarde Tea Tree Oil- 4000 Naira
Lady Diana Apricot Scub-1300 Naira

I created a scrub using salt, honey and tea tree oil. I left it on my face for quite some time before washing off.  

I also washed my face with Tetmosol medicated soap. Allowed it to stay on my face for quite some time before rinsing off. Thereafter I applied Turmeric oil on my face and went to bed.
The next day I repeated the same procedure, but this time I made use of an apricot scrub with honey.

The result was as I expected, the rashes reduced drastically, my face was smoother and I didn't have to use so much concealer, I only applied it under my eyes and my brows.
I still use the turmeric oil every night and I'm simply loving it. I have used this regimen for treating acne or rashes for a long time and I have never been disappointed. You can try it at home if you have rashes or acne and want a quick fix, I am sure you would love it. 
This is one question that is always on my mind whenever I go skincare shopping. I know it is the same with some people, as I have been asked this question over and over again.
Both are useful and basically serve the same purpose. These days, the face wipes is more in vogue, with some people even using baby wipes. That shows how much people prefer it.
Last week, I went around asking some ladies their prefered choice. Most of the ladies opted for face wipes because it is quite easy to use. You don't have to worry about cotton wools or the stress of using the cleanser,  after a long stressful day. All you have to do is use the wipes to clean your face and viola!, you are done.
Some also complained about having reactions and outbreaks, once they stop using the cleanser for a few weeks. I think, I have also noticed such on my face, but I also think it depends on the products.

Well, this doesn't mean that the cleanser is all bad, because there are some awesome cleansers out there that serve unique purpose. Well, I like cleansers because you can add whatever you want to it. I'm very fond of adding lemon juice to my cleansers.

Moreover, not all cleansers serve the same purposes. Some are used for different skin types. I don't expect someone with dry skin,  to use a cleanser containing  alcohol and common chemicals, like sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate,as it might cause more drying of the skin.

Whether opting for liquid cleansers or face wipes, here are some basic buying guides.
1) Read the ingredients before buying one. If you have dry skin, stay away from products containing sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate. Look for a gentle cleanser that moisturizes.

If you have oily skin, use water based cleansers, anti acne, medicated cleansers or cleansing gels. 

If you have sensitive skin, be careful  about using products that contain fragrances and preservatives, I don't use any product that containing herbal fragrance, I use organics but not herbal fragrance. The breakouts usually take a year, once they appear, before they clear out.

2. Look towards organics. Like I said, I usually add a teaspoon of lemon juice to my cleanser and they help in cleansing and preventing acne outbreak. Please know what suits your acne. Any product with carotene or carrot oil is a no-no for me. It might be very effective on others, but for me, it causes pimples and boils. 

3. Look for a product that has sun screen element if you are opting for a skin lightening cleanser or make sure you use a sun block before stepping out. 
For face wipes, if you can't get an exfoliant, get a wipe with exfoliating properties. 

I would love to hear from you. Which do you prefer and which particular brand, do you love? 
There's been so many requests about skin lightening products. I am not against skin lightening. Everyone has a right to choose what they want, as long as they are doing it the right way, not endangering their health and feel comfortable in their skin.

I'm always an advocate for skin beauty. It's your only covering in this life, so handle it with care.
My first choice, when it comes to recommending skin lightening products, would always be organics.
I have been a lover of organic products before I started this blog, because you get to know what's going into your skin. Some of the best skin lightening creams, I know of,  are actually organics. Though expensive,  they do the job. They lighten from within, leaving no uneven marks, no acne, what soever. The reviews are also mind blowing.
I use lemon and lime oil, and I love it.

So I can practically get all my DIY ingredients from her.
If you want to get any of the products, contact me for further details and you won't be disappointed.
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