The whole media is raving about teen of the
moment Kylie Jenner and her body assets. After
been on the spotlight for the increase on her butt
and bum size ( the increase is really surprising). I
also thought she had implants as well. At first, she
implied it was some kind of tapes doing the job
but she has recently come out to say, she uses
PURE LEEF beauty products.
According to her,
"I love sharing my beauty secrets with you
guys and this is a favorite. @PureLeef offers
products with All Natural ingredients (which is
important to me) to help maintain &
accentuate your curves. @PureLeef's butt
enhancement cream & Breast plumping lotion
stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started
seeing results after only a month of consistent
use. #curvesonfleek."
Well she is not the only one who swears by their
products. Some fans and peeps have used other
products from the brand and they all commend it.
I imagine their butt cream would equally do a
marvelous job. You can get yours from this site if
you want an increase in your butt and bum size.