I have always wondered about where to get an oil that would be suitable for my sensitive skin.
Something that wouldn't cause irritations on it. I always have boils and huge pimples on my face whenever I use a product that doesn't suit my skin. I have used different oils but I have always wanted one containing Lemon.
I got one and was excited to learn that it contains citrus oils(Lime,Lemon and Pomegranate).It has this light feel,doesn't settle heavily on the skin, its non greasy and my friends all say it smells like Lemon. Initially I started using it only at night,but then I went further and used it as a form of scrub yesterday.
I applied a pinch of salt to a teaspoon of the oil and used it to exfoliate my face.
Today, I noticed my skin was clearer ,softer and better looking.
Its also suitable for people with sun burns and skin discoloration, so I think this oil has definitely found a space on my cupboard because you never know when it's going to be so useful.
Want one? Send a message to any of the address or numbers listed on the contact page.
Until my next post,have a beautiful week ahead.