A friend recommended this product to me and I got interested in it. Here's the reason.
When I left for school,she had this light chocolate complexion which was kind of dusky and not clear presumably due to the harsh weather over here so imagine my surprise when I came back home and noticed she had gone up to 3 shades lighter. I had to pester her for the name of the cream and she said, it was Silky White exclusive lightening lotion. But I noticed her legs and arms were darker. She said it was due to her not using the products on the said parts. I went further to explain to her how to use lightening creams. (See my post on how to use lightening creams).So I went for 'cream shopping' and I found it.

Its price is about 2500-3000 Naira. Approximately about 30 dollars. It comes, I think in a 1oz bottle.Buy here
Surprisingly it is hydroquinone free. And yea! it works. I have seen two people who use it and its effects are amazing. You can mix with glycerine to get better results.

Have a blessed day. 


Ruky said...

Pls am fair can I use same