When we see some people with spotless skin,we start thinking of the skin care product they use. Of course I would agree, that these products help in beautifying the skin, but I must say that I don't think they use these products alone especially those that have gone 3 shades lighter. And the best (if I may say) part is that you don't get to see a single spot or scar.

 I would also agree that there are different ways of achieving this but one of the easiest way and if I may say, a less expensive way is through the use of pills. These include Gluthathione, Vitamin C pills and injections. 

Gluthathione became the rave of the moment when people discovered that its side effect was a fair amount of skin lightening. But to achieve a noticeable result, you had to take it in large dosages, up to 1000mg per day or more and you also had to take twice its amount of Vitamin C capsules e.g 1000mg of Gluthathione=2000mg of Vitamin C capsules. 

To me, I prefer taking the Vitamin capsules alone. I'm always wary of 'rave of the moment' products because it might just end up being fake or ineffective
It's kinda difficult to get genuine Gluthathione pills because of the endless selection you have to choose from and sometimes it is difficult to see it in local stores,hence you have to order it from online. Its price ranges from 60 to 80 dollars whereas it's possible to get Vitamin C supplements from a local store at the rate of 20 dollars and above depending on the brand.

Taking of Vitamin C alone can also help lighten the skin gradually but it should be above 1000mg per day.
Also fruits and vegetables help a lot. Apart from strengthening our immune system,they help to keep the skin firm and supple.
There are various brands of skin lightening capsules to choose from. The trick is to go for a trusted and reliable brand. 

MARIE FRANCE is one brand, that comes to my mind when I think of skin lightening pills. I have friends who have sworn by it. I also know of people who bought it and are using it.

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Taking of fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune system, makes it look younger and prevents the appearance of wrinkles e.t.c.
I also know of people who take gluthathione injections but I heard that it has its own side effects though it works faster. I have also heard of anti- melanin injections but I can't say much on that. All in all,these are various ways of lightening the skin to at least 5 shades lighter and they are all effective.

I hope this was enlightening. I would love to hear from you. Do you use lightening pills?  And which brand?