During my teen years,my one problem was my skin. I had acne and my skin was constantly breaking out. I avoided anything containing oil,I didn't even eat groundnuts. It was that bad. I have always hated drinking water but whenever I ate so much as an handful of nuts,I drank up to four glasses of water on the same spot. I also avoided creams containing olive oil.
I never knew Olive oil had its benefits as well. My mum would insist on me using it but I always refused.
But now,I have come to realize some of the benefits of Olive oil which I practice everyday.
I discovered I had sensitive skin so mixing Olive oil with my cream or applying it directly on my face causes my skin pores to clog. But using it in a facial surprisingly actually does the opposite. The skin has to maintain an equal balance of both oil and water to continue looking supple and firm. So denying it of one or the other, also has its effects.
Here are some of the ways I use it.

I use olive oil in my scrub. I add a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt. I like the fact that it moisturizes and exfoliates,two important thing the skin needs.

I use it for facial steaming. I just add half a teaspoon of olive oil to a bowl of hot water. It opens the pores and moisturizes.

I use it as a cleanser. It's a good alternative to a cleanser. Simples cleans the make up off your face.

This is one of the reasons I actually have it at home. Olive oil tones the skin. It is essentially useful to people with uneven skin tone such as black knuckles or lighter feet. You can apply it on that part of the body every day until it goes back to the shade you want. You don't have to stop using that cream because its lightening you at an amazing rate. Just use olive oil alternatively with the cream and you would notice the effect.

Olive oil can also be used for a baby's skin that is why you see most companies producing moisturizers with olive oil for babies as it helps keep their skin supple and smooth.

It is essential to people with normal or dry skin but for people like me with oil or sensitive skin,you might just want to stick to the facials alone instead of going all the way with it.

Getting rid of sun burns and pigmentation mark is a task which requires patience and loads of precautions. I once had burns on my face which came as a result of trekking long distances under the scorching African sun, during my high school days. But I didn't get rid of it in 10 days but more like years.
I surfed for ways of getting rid of it on the internet but all I could get on was loads of articles on how to minimize the effects. But then I had to do some stuff and researched more on it.
Here's what I got.
Sun burns results when intense heat hits the skin directly resulting in discoloration or darkening of that part of the skin. Sun burns can also result from exposing the skin to sun rays,fire or use of harsh chemicals in some cosmetic products.
There are basically minor and major cases of sun burns.
The minor ones can be treated with Aloe-vera,honey,yoghurt,milk,Shea butter. All these soothes and can also reduce the scars a little bit.
Most of the major cases result from some chemical products. While most of these creams lighten your skin,they also end up leaving the skin bare and prone to burns. Now it is our duty to make sure that we protect our skin using sunscreens. Some of them insist on containing sun screen agents but they do not or the sun screen agents are not active enough to protect the skin.
To get that glowing skin back,you need to:

1. REJUVENATE THE SKIN- Which means the skin needs to go through a repair process which includes exfoliation. You need to remove dead skin cells and repair/strengthen the new ones. You can try an Apricot scrub but I prefer making mine. I use salt,lemon juice and honey or I can equally make an Oatmeal scrub. They work better for me . Next, you soothe the skin by applying some of the organic products listed above preferably a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with the same quantity of honey on the area for some time,then wash off.You can also add aloe vera gel for its soothing and moisturizing properties.You can use a skin repair lotion at this point.

2. GET RID OF THE MARKS-This is a step that requires patience. The lemon and honey,tomato juice and honey,tomato and lemon juice mixture would work just fine. You can equally use potato slice or Shea butter. All of these are all good for reducing marks.
For an equally effective treatment, though with side effect, you can equally try an Acid Peel/Wipe such as Salicylic or Glycolic. They can get rid of the marks. Or better still,try the Rosehip oil. I heard it works wonders within a short time.

3. PROTECT THE SKIN-This involves wearing Sun blocks with SPF 30 and above. My favourites include Clinique, Aveeno and Organics.It also includes avoiding the sun rays from 12noon-4pm even with sun blocks on. You also need to wear protective clothing such as wide brim hats when venturing out.
I hope I have been of help to some people out there who are battling with sun burns/marks.

Kisses and loads of love from me.