I have a combination skin type that sometimes gives me an headache. So most times,I do get breakouts on the T-zone area of my face as well as my cheeks.
Often,I run out of funds for a quick fix such as anti-acne creams but then I usually have reactions such as boils on my face after using some of these creams.
So over the years, I have developed my own personal treatments for these breakouts and it has been working for me.
Most of these treatments surprisingly comes out from my kitchen.
Some of them include:

1.The toothpaste treatment.
I came across this once,when reading about the beauty treatments of an ex-beauty queen on a magazine. She said she mixes toothpaste (especially the white ones) with dusting powder. Ever since,I have been hooked to this treatment.I tried it out and it worked for me. But these days,I only apply the red toothpaste on the parts of my face where I happen to have breakouts and I still get the same results (at least I don't have to worry about not having dusting powder)

2. Alum
I had bacne some months ago(acne on the back). I had used Crusader and Swissgarde's T-basic soap on it (They worked as well, they dried all the lumps/breakouts), but the scars were still there. But then. I wanted to try out something equally effective, so I tried using Alum and got the same results.

Something I always have with me would be an anti inflammatory,anti fungal and anti bacterial cream such as Skineal. I use it for quick fixes on acne and eradication of spots. I use it for not more than a period of one week. Anything more, might cause adverse effects so I don't really go that far with it.

When trying to get rid of acne, it is necessary you follow a strict regime such as exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. Eating vegetables, fruits and a healthy diet shouldn't be left out. 

Also, remember the '8 glasses of water' rule. It's equally important. If you ain't a water and vegetable person like me,you can opt for  supplements to nourish your skin on the inside. I use Swissgarde's Skin Hair and Nails,Omega Plus and Royal Jelly Capsules to supplement my diet. I am one of those people who simply forget to eat lunch when working or studying so I make sure I keep these supplements handy.

I also know of honey, lemon and Shea butter which are as well useful in fading scars and treating acne.
What's your acne treatment recipe? Would love to hear from you.