This is one review I have always wanted to write on considering the popularly of this product. But school work has been hectic,so pardon me for not writing earlier than this.
Fair and white...
Fair and white has two variants. One in blue bottle and the other in pink bottle (So white). The one in blue bottle contains Hydroquinone and Glycerine, hence I would never be a fan of this variant. Though, there would be noticeable results because of the Hydroquinone it contains.
I used the So White variant(pink bottle) about two years ago.

For someone living on a meagre salary, it was on the high side for me but then,I always thought 'the more expensive a product is,the more effective it would be'. I have stopped thinking that way because I know that it isn't always true. Some might and some would totally be a waste of money.
I bought the first bottle but I didn't see any result. Also this product doesn't contain any effective sunscreen and I was working so I should have gotten a sun block but I thought this product would work wonders so I didn't bother getting it.
I got the second bottle hoping it would fare better than the first one. This time,I bought the soap along with it. I noticed I got a shade lighter when I stayed indoors for a couple of weeks. After that,I went a shade darker. The soap also caused acne for me,so I stopped halfway. Hence I decided going organics. A glowing,clear and beautiful looking skin is what I want, but this product didn't work for me.  In all,I would give it a two star.

According to the reviews online, some have good experiences with the product,others complained about black knuckles, sunburns e.t.c
For people who would still want to use this product, I suggest getting the whole package i.e cream,soap and serum. It might produce better results. Until my next post, stay blessed.