She says she is no ageless beauty but what do you call a 56years old woman who looks this GORGEOUS?.... Am sorry to say this, Miss Stone but you are ageless.
She is on the March cover of shape magazine wearing a bikini in a my-oh-my(pardon my enthusiasm ) pose which she is famously known for.
She is one of the very few Hollywood celebrities who hasn't had any facelift.
Well, she credits her good ol' Irish genes for that. She also listed some factors responsible for her look.
She says she isn't on any diet,she eats well and takes healthy meals. She eats bread and is not a great fan of pasta. She avoids fried foods,cream sauces and drinks lots of water.
She doesn't smoke,drink or do drugs.
She also says exercise and yoga are one of the keys to her look.
In her words,'If you look after yourself and use GOOD products, you won't need surgery or other intervention'.
I certainly agree with you Miss Stone. I certainly hope to have your kind of look when I attain your age. Lolz.