We are in February, the month of love,so I thought..... which DIY skin recipe would be perfect for this month? And while strolling around the internet(winks)... and....voila!, I stumbled upon a recipe for rose flowers. I was surprised to learn that this flower could be so useful and could be an asset to one's skin care regime.
Usefulness of Rose Flower

Rose water could be used in place of ordinary water when cleansing your face at anytime of the day. It has moisturising and astringent properties .
It can be used as a cleanser as it helps unclog and tighten pores, reduces acne problems and inflammations.....
It can also be used as a toner as it hydrates the skin and prevents wrinkles..

How to prepare it.

Get a pot of water and some rose petals.
Trim the petals.
Place in the pot of water.
Boil for about 20 minutes.
Strain the liquid.
Allow to cool and place in a refrigerator.
You can use this water in different ways.
1. As a makeup removal-just add olive oil to it.

2. For treatment of acne and pimples- add lemon water to it.

3. Toner, moisturizer and facial mask-Mix glycerine and rose water together thoroughly and apply on face. Suitable for oily skin.

4. For dry skin- make a paste of crushed/grounded almonds and rose water. Apply on face.

5. For sensitive skin(Facial mask).
Mix rosewater, milk, honey,add some oat meal. Make a paste and apply on face.

These are simple recipes you can do on your own for a glowing skin.
So........anytime you come across these fragile beauties, pick a handful of them because you never know when you are gonna be in dire need of them.
I would really love to learn about your own rose water recipe. You can send me a reply or a message to my email address.

Enjoy .......