I never really understood the usefulness of honey until I bought a bottle of pure honey from the market.
I had some fresh! scars on my right  leg which I hated. So,I got some honey,dabbed a little of it on the scar,twice daily for two weeks.
At the end of the two weeks,no one believed I had a scar on that leg,the signs were reduced to the barest minimum.
Ever since then ,I started experimenting with it.
I used it as a scrub
I mixed half a teaspoon of salt,a drop of lime or lemon juice,and a teaspoon of honey.
I wet my skin and massaged in the mixture using circular movements over  my face, and allowed it to sit for 10 mins before rinsing it away with warm water.
I noticed my complexion became clearer and smoother.
Since I have an oily skin,it was also helpful, as it shrunk the pores. I could feel my skin breathing and the itching stopped.
This scrub gently removes dead and aging skin cells,improves your skin tone,reduces breakouts and spots.
I also used it as a mask
I took some fresh tomato paste and mixed it with a teaspoon of honey, I allowed it to to rest on my face for close to 20 mins before rinsing off.
Tomatoes are very useful in treating acne. It's juice can be used as a natural astringent.
Create your own facial with honey and I am sure you would be delighted with the results as I was.