When we see some people with spotless skin,we start thinking of the skin care product they use. Of course I would agree, that these products help in beautifying the skin, but I must say that I don't think they use these products alone especially those that have gone 3 shades lighter. And the best (if I may say) part is that you don't get to see a single spot or scar.

 I would also agree that there are different ways of achieving this but one of the easiest way and if I may say, a less expensive way is through the use of pills. These include Gluthathione, Vitamin C pills and injections. 

Gluthathione became the rave of the moment when people discovered that its side effect was a fair amount of skin lightening. But to achieve a noticeable result, you had to take it in large dosages, up to 1000mg per day or more and you also had to take twice its amount of Vitamin C capsules e.g 1000mg of Gluthathione=2000mg of Vitamin C capsules. 

To me, I prefer taking the Vitamin capsules alone. I'm always wary of 'rave of the moment' products because it might just end up being fake or ineffective
It's kinda difficult to get genuine Gluthathione pills because of the endless selection you have to choose from and sometimes it is difficult to see it in local stores,hence you have to order it from online. Its price ranges from 60 to 80 dollars whereas it's possible to get Vitamin C supplements from a local store at the rate of 20 dollars and above depending on the brand.

Taking of Vitamin C alone can also help lighten the skin gradually but it should be above 1000mg per day.
Also fruits and vegetables help a lot. Apart from strengthening our immune system,they help to keep the skin firm and supple.
There are various brands of skin lightening capsules to choose from. The trick is to go for a trusted and reliable brand. 

MARIE FRANCE is one brand, that comes to my mind when I think of skin lightening pills. I have friends who have sworn by it. I also know of people who bought it and are using it.

You can place your order through this link:www.store.mariefranceinternational.com

Taking of fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune system, makes it look younger and prevents the appearance of wrinkles e.t.c.
I also know of people who take gluthathione injections but I heard that it has its own side effects though it works faster. I have also heard of anti- melanin injections but I can't say much on that. All in all,these are various ways of lightening the skin to at least 5 shades lighter and they are all effective.

I hope this was enlightening. I would love to hear from you. Do you use lightening pills?  And which brand? 
People using lightening creams all over the world have similar experiences and stories. Black knuckles,uneven skin tone are some of the common complaints.
 Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid are some of the common lightening agents used in most cosmetic products.It has become a sort of trend over the years to see people with fairer face or legs,dark necks and so on. I have tried out some lightening creams over the years,though I stay clear of those containing Hydroquinone. 

I prefer Kojic Acid, though it is unsteady and changes color once exposed to air. I have used some products containing it but I'm always careful when using them. . You might want to know that I do not use the creams alone.
 There are other little inexpensive products I use along with the creams that helps me maintain an even complexion. Some of the products I use that have proven to be quite indispensable are:

1. Sunscreen-
Sunscreens would always be useful when using a lightening cream. Some lightening creams are so harsh that they leave the skin bare and prone to burns and discoloration, hence the need to protect it from the sun. That is why the part of the face that shows signs of burns are usually those parts exposed to the sun.

2. Vaseline or Olive oil-

 These act as toners and moisturizers. I use all kinds of vaseline but I prefer those with fragnance for my hands.Olive oil does the same job. I use it for my hands,feet or any area of my body that I see are basically lighter than the rest.They make the skin glow as well as toning it. They even out the skin complexion. I am especially fond of the Vaseline Lotion brand/set. I use it as a moisturizer and toner. I use any of the products I can lay my hands on.


Some lightening creams also dry out the skin. They make the skin look so dry and flaky, making it age faster. That's the reason people who use these creams for longer periods have this kind of ragged and aged look.A moisturizer prevents the skin from drying and in no way hampers the lightening process. Like I said the Vaseline set does the job for me.

4. Shea Butter-
is one necessity for lightening cream users who are trying to avoid black knuckles,feet and elbows. Applying of Shea Butter to these areas actually prevents darkening of these areas and tends to even out these areas.

5. Lemon -
Lemon acts as lightening agent and can be used to lighten dark spots and areas on the skin. Just cut out a layer and rub it on any desired part. Apply morning and night until you notice improvement in the areas.

6. Acid Peel-
People make use of acid peels such as Glycolic or Salicylic to clear darkened parts of the body. It is perhaps one of the fastest way to get rid of it. But sometimes it takes longer to see noticeable results. Other times,it would require subsequent visits to a dermatologist as well as treatments to get desired results. 

7.Coconut oil-

I so love this, a good moisturizer and quite indispensable to me. I started using it when I noticed I do not react to it and I have been hooked onto it. It smoothens the complexion, makes it firmer and softer. 

8. A skin unifier or serum

This is quite important when using a lightening cream cream. Unifiers such as rescue oil and herbal serums do the job. They even out the skin and prevents melasma, discolorations and scars. 

9. Glycerine
A neighbor introduced this to me. She uses silky white but I noticed her skin tone was even and not washed out. When I ask ed what she uses, she said she mixed 4 tbsps of glycerine to her cream. 

All these are quite important when trying to lighten your skin. You get maximum benefits from using them and you don't wanna worry about uneven skin tone because once a part of the skin becomes damaged,it would incur more spending and patience to repair it and get it back to its former condition.

For more info on how to achieve an even skin tone, kindly join any of our social platforms or simply contact me through my contact page. 

I hope you love this. Have a glorious day. 

During my teen years,my one problem was my skin. I had acne and my skin was constantly breaking out. I avoided anything containing oil,I didn't even eat groundnuts. It was that bad. I have always hated drinking water but whenever I ate so much as an handful of nuts,I drank up to four glasses of water on the same spot. I also avoided creams containing olive oil.
I never knew Olive oil had its benefits as well. My mum would insist on me using it but I always refused.
But now,I have come to realize some of the benefits of Olive oil which I practice everyday.
I discovered I had sensitive skin so mixing Olive oil with my cream or applying it directly on my face causes my skin pores to clog. But using it in a facial surprisingly actually does the opposite. The skin has to maintain an equal balance of both oil and water to continue looking supple and firm. So denying it of one or the other, also has its effects.
Here are some of the ways I use it.

I use olive oil in my scrub. I add a teaspoon of lemon juice and salt. I like the fact that it moisturizes and exfoliates,two important thing the skin needs.

I use it for facial steaming. I just add half a teaspoon of olive oil to a bowl of hot water. It opens the pores and moisturizes.

I use it as a cleanser. It's a good alternative to a cleanser. Simples cleans the make up off your face.

This is one of the reasons I actually have it at home. Olive oil tones the skin. It is essentially useful to people with uneven skin tone such as black knuckles or lighter feet. You can apply it on that part of the body every day until it goes back to the shade you want. You don't have to stop using that cream because its lightening you at an amazing rate. Just use olive oil alternatively with the cream and you would notice the effect.

Olive oil can also be used for a baby's skin that is why you see most companies producing moisturizers with olive oil for babies as it helps keep their skin supple and smooth.

It is essential to people with normal or dry skin but for people like me with oil or sensitive skin,you might just want to stick to the facials alone instead of going all the way with it.

Getting rid of sun burns and pigmentation mark is a task which requires patience and loads of precautions. I once had burns on my face which came as a result of trekking long distances under the scorching African sun, during my high school days. But I didn't get rid of it in 10 days but more like years.
I surfed for ways of getting rid of it on the internet but all I could get on was loads of articles on how to minimize the effects. But then I had to do some stuff and researched more on it.
Here's what I got.
Sun burns results when intense heat hits the skin directly resulting in discoloration or darkening of that part of the skin. Sun burns can also result from exposing the skin to sun rays,fire or use of harsh chemicals in some cosmetic products.
There are basically minor and major cases of sun burns.
The minor ones can be treated with Aloe-vera,honey,yoghurt,milk,Shea butter. All these soothes and can also reduce the scars a little bit.
Most of the major cases result from some chemical products. While most of these creams lighten your skin,they also end up leaving the skin bare and prone to burns. Now it is our duty to make sure that we protect our skin using sunscreens. Some of them insist on containing sun screen agents but they do not or the sun screen agents are not active enough to protect the skin.
To get that glowing skin back,you need to:

1. REJUVENATE THE SKIN- Which means the skin needs to go through a repair process which includes exfoliation. You need to remove dead skin cells and repair/strengthen the new ones. You can try an Apricot scrub but I prefer making mine. I use salt,lemon juice and honey or I can equally make an Oatmeal scrub. They work better for me . Next, you soothe the skin by applying some of the organic products listed above preferably a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with the same quantity of honey on the area for some time,then wash off.You can also add aloe vera gel for its soothing and moisturizing properties.You can use a skin repair lotion at this point.

2. GET RID OF THE MARKS-This is a step that requires patience. The lemon and honey,tomato juice and honey,tomato and lemon juice mixture would work just fine. You can equally use potato slice or Shea butter. All of these are all good for reducing marks.
For an equally effective treatment, though with side effect, you can equally try an Acid Peel/Wipe such as Salicylic or Glycolic. They can get rid of the marks. Or better still,try the Rosehip oil. I heard it works wonders within a short time.

3. PROTECT THE SKIN-This involves wearing Sun blocks with SPF 30 and above. My favourites include Clinique, Aveeno and Organics.It also includes avoiding the sun rays from 12noon-4pm even with sun blocks on. You also need to wear protective clothing such as wide brim hats when venturing out.
I hope I have been of help to some people out there who are battling with sun burns/marks.

Kisses and loads of love from me.

Apart from eating, the egg has other uses which might surprise you. Not just the white part,  but as well as the yolk.
It moisturizes and tighten skin pores. 
I use it for two purposes: Hair and skin. 
I basically use the same thing for both. 
For hair:
I mix it with honey and apply it liberally to my scalp. After which, I put on a shower cap and leave on for 45 minutes before rinsing off. It helps prevent hair breakage and reults in black shiny hair. 
For skin or face:
I mix egg white, honey and lemon juice. As a scrub I simply mix all with brown sugar. The results are simply heavenly. It gets rid of scars and spots effectively. It also improves dull complexion and gives the skin a healthy glow if applied frequently. I came across this video and would love to share with you. 
I hope you liked this post. How do you use eggs? What are some of your egg recipes you simply can't do without? I would love to hear from you. 

I came across this one day and I decided to try it out. So I read more about it and decided to try it out.

I cleaned my skin with a face wash. I poured hot boiling water into a bucket and added a teaspoon of olive oil into it because my face was so dry that I decided I needed a moisturizer, hence the olive oil.
I put my face into the bucket and placed a blanket over me. I stayed there for about 5 minutes. I used a toner to close the pores afterwards.

Let's just say I was pleased with the results and finally understood the importance of it and the reason why it must be added to one's weekly regimen. (It should be done at least twice a week).
You must be wondering what the results were;
Facial Steaming clears and cleanses the skin pores. The steam works its magic on your skin, adding moisture and helping to cleanse your skin. It is one of the most simplest and  inexpensive facial treatments you can do at home.
Among other potential benefits, facial steaming can help control or reduce acne breakouts in some instances. It can also boost circulation and draws blood to the surface of the skin, giving your face a warm, healthy glow. It allows the skin to breathe.
It also allows you to get the best out of whatever products you use on your skin due to the open skin pores. 

You can add other ingredients such as Arnica oil,Green Tea leaves,Rose oil or Tea tree for added benefits such as acne treatment, moisturising and to get a glowing skin. I used olive oil because I wanted a deep moisturising effect.

Why don't you try it out at the comfort of your home and I am sure you would also be pleased with the results as I was.

Kojic Acid is obtained from mushrooms that are found in Japan and is a by-product of the
fermentation process used to produce alcoholic beverages
In skin care products, kojic acid functions primarily as a skin lightener.The body naturally produces a pigment known as Melanin. A person's genes determine how much melanin the body naturally produces. In people with fair skin, only small amounts of melanin are produced while large amounts of the pigment are made by the cells of those with dark complexion.
The production of melanin in the skin does not occur in fixed amounts. Often, the cells produce more melanin in response to the environment or internal conditions in the body. When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, the production of melanin increases, causing the skin to tan.

Repeated exposure to the sun can result in a permanent increase in melanin production in spots on the skin, causing small freckles and larger sun or age spots to form. This is a common problem among acne sufferers who have prolonged discoloration of their skin after their acne blemishes heal.

Hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy can also increase melanin production, leading to a discoloration on
the face that is known as melasma.

Prior to the discovery of kojic acid, the ingredient hydroquinone was largely the only ingredient used for skin whitening. Hydroquinone is known to cause skin irritation in many individuals, and for
these people, dermatologists often recommend kojic acid as an alternative method for treating skin discoloration.

Those with very sensitive skin may still develop redness or itching from the use of kojic acid, but overall, the ingredient is better than hydroquinone. The effects of kojic acid are more or less identical to those of hydroquinone.

In addition to its skin-lightening abilities, kojic acid can be used as an antioxidant. Kojic acid helps to prevent the formation of signs of ageing.
Some dermatologists recommend the use of mild concentrations of kojic acid for addressing acne problems.

Kojic acid is also an antibacterial agent. Some dermatologists recommend the use of mild concentrations of kojic acid for addressing acne blemishes, which are
often caused by bacterials. Kojic dipalmitate is a derivative of Kojic Acid used by some companies in place of the ingredient,though not really as effective as Kojic Acid.

Since the discovery of kojic acid, conflicting
studies have been reported about the long-term safety of the ingredient. Different skin lightening agents such as oils,creams and soaps have emerged with Kojic Acid as the main lightening agent.

Personal Experience
Though I am not a product junk ,I tend to try out products and then stick with those that suits me best.
Most hydroquinone based products causes rashes and eczema on my face so I stay clear off them but I decided to try out a Kojic Acid product and so far I'm pleased with the results. I picked one that caught my interest-Pure Skin. I bought the soap and cream. I have used it for a couple of weeks now. I noticed my complexion is now clearer, It definitely fades spots,It didn't bleach me as I was afraid it would, rather my complexion is uniform, no black spots or knuckles whatsoever.
Though my skin tends to get dry at times so I use Swissgarde Royal Jelly Moisturizer to solve this as well as Olive oil sometimes. I think the Olive oil and Moisturizer keeps my complexion in check.
I think Kojic works for me,I also try to limit my staying outside and a good sunscreen definitely does wonders.

I have a combination skin type that sometimes gives me an headache. So most times,I do get breakouts on the T-zone area of my face as well as my cheeks.
Often,I run out of funds for a quick fix such as anti-acne creams but then I usually have reactions such as boils on my face after using some of these creams.
So over the years, I have developed my own personal treatments for these breakouts and it has been working for me.
Most of these treatments surprisingly comes out from my kitchen.
Some of them include:

1.The toothpaste treatment.
I came across this once,when reading about the beauty treatments of an ex-beauty queen on a magazine. She said she mixes toothpaste (especially the white ones) with dusting powder. Ever since,I have been hooked to this treatment.I tried it out and it worked for me. But these days,I only apply the red toothpaste on the parts of my face where I happen to have breakouts and I still get the same results (at least I don't have to worry about not having dusting powder)

2. Alum
I had bacne some months ago(acne on the back). I had used Crusader and Swissgarde's T-basic soap on it (They worked as well, they dried all the lumps/breakouts), but the scars were still there. But then. I wanted to try out something equally effective, so I tried using Alum and got the same results.

Something I always have with me would be an anti inflammatory,anti fungal and anti bacterial cream such as Skineal. I use it for quick fixes on acne and eradication of spots. I use it for not more than a period of one week. Anything more, might cause adverse effects so I don't really go that far with it.

When trying to get rid of acne, it is necessary you follow a strict regime such as exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising. Eating vegetables, fruits and a healthy diet shouldn't be left out. 

Also, remember the '8 glasses of water' rule. It's equally important. If you ain't a water and vegetable person like me,you can opt for  supplements to nourish your skin on the inside. I use Swissgarde's Skin Hair and Nails,Omega Plus and Royal Jelly Capsules to supplement my diet. I am one of those people who simply forget to eat lunch when working or studying so I make sure I keep these supplements handy.

I also know of honey, lemon and Shea butter which are as well useful in fading scars and treating acne.
What's your acne treatment recipe? Would love to hear from you.

The dark skin is usually one of the easiest skin complexion to take care of as well as one of the hardest.
The secret to having a gorgeous ebony complexion is just MOISTURISING.
When I saw Lupita Nyong'o on Vogue Cover,I was thrilled. Her complexion was the first thing that drew my attention. It was clean,clear and beautiful.

Contrary to what most people think,an ebony complexion requires the same skin regime/care as a light skinned complexion.
An ebony skin is equally susceptible to sun burns,acne,pimples as a light skinned person. Though it is usually not visible like the latter.
Scars fades faster due to the level of melanin in their skin.
But one thing most black skinned people never seem to realize is once you start altering your skin colour with the use of harsh chemicals, it becomes practically impossible to return to the original skin tone.

It would require patience and loads of care to get back to the former skin tone.
Cocoa Butter products and Moisturizers are usually the best bet for this complexion. Cleansing, exfoliating and toning shouldn't be left out of the skin care regime so as to get a younger looking,healthier skin.

Also, going to the spa once in a while would certainly do much good.
I also think a basic knowledge of make-up application is needed, so as understand your skin tone better and know which shade of colour suits one best when it comes to applying makeup.

Most dark skinned people in a bid to look fairer use wrong shade of foundations,eye pencils, lipsticks and so on,thereby making them looking so odd. Lol
Basically, I am a sucker for dark skinned guys like Lance Gross.... Lol.
Remember,our skin is our natural covering in life ,so let's take care of it.

Just as we have bad hair days,so also we have bad skin days. These are days when your skin itches you and has this dull look. You look at the mirror and you see a total stranger staring back at you.
One effective way of getting rid of the itching and dull look is to use a facial scrub. Most times,when travelling, the scrub is the last thing on my mind when packing. So I usually end up travelling without one. But I don't get worried when I don't have one. As long as the table or cooking salt is available at wherever I end up going to,then I am happy.

The table/cooking salt is one of the best natural alternatives to a scrub/exfoliator. It is finely granulated and wouldn't injure peel off or irritate the skin .If you are lucky to have an Epsom salt nearby ,then you are on your way to making a very good and wonder working scrub.

There are several ways of getting the best out of the it.
A teaspoon of honey can be added to half a teaspoon of salt .
For added benefits such as lightening, a teaspoon of lemon/lime juice can be added to the mixture.
People with dry skin can add a teaspoon of olive oil to get a moisturising scrub.
Do you have dry chapped lips that doesn't look sexy at all?
You can also add olive oil and honey to a pinch of salt. Rub in circular motion over lips. Rinse and feeeelllllll the difference.


Wet skin,take right amount and massage in circular movements over face for a while.
Let it sit on the face for some minutes.
Rinse with water.
Results are noticed immediately after use.

You can do this at the comfort of your home anytime,any day.
But it is advisable not to use a scrub everyday because it can damage the skin as well as making it look dull. At least once a week is better.

I would love to know how else you use the table salt as part of your skin care routine,so please comment or send an email to me at sophieazaya@gmail.com.
Until my next post,remain blessed.

This is one review I have always wanted to write on considering the popularly of this product. But school work has been hectic,so pardon me for not writing earlier than this.
Fair and white...
Fair and white has two variants. One in blue bottle and the other in pink bottle (So white). The one in blue bottle contains Hydroquinone and Glycerine, hence I would never be a fan of this variant. Though, there would be noticeable results because of the Hydroquinone it contains.
I used the So White variant(pink bottle) about two years ago.

For someone living on a meagre salary, it was on the high side for me but then,I always thought 'the more expensive a product is,the more effective it would be'. I have stopped thinking that way because I know that it isn't always true. Some might and some would totally be a waste of money.
I bought the first bottle but I didn't see any result. Also this product doesn't contain any effective sunscreen and I was working so I should have gotten a sun block but I thought this product would work wonders so I didn't bother getting it.
I got the second bottle hoping it would fare better than the first one. This time,I bought the soap along with it. I noticed I got a shade lighter when I stayed indoors for a couple of weeks. After that,I went a shade darker. The soap also caused acne for me,so I stopped halfway. Hence I decided going organics. A glowing,clear and beautiful looking skin is what I want, but this product didn't work for me.  In all,I would give it a two star.

According to the reviews online, some have good experiences with the product,others complained about black knuckles, sunburns e.t.c
For people who would still want to use this product, I suggest getting the whole package i.e cream,soap and serum. It might produce better results. Until my next post, stay blessed. 

Almond flour is one ingredient that is very useful and have been proven to be very active for skin whitening. It's one ingredient that can be found in skin lightening creams as well as organic creams.
Almond flour can be gotten from the spices section at any Mega supermarkets around you or simply make urs at home.
Get almonds, blend in a food processor or blender. Do not blend until u get a paste,rather it should be in form of a fine flour.

You can make this skin lightening cream(gotten from one of my favorite blogs ) from it.

Almond flour
1 teaspoon of Honey
Organic yoghurt /milk/egg white
1 teaspoon of Lemon juice

Simply mix everything together till you get a fine paste. Store in a refrigerator and use. Make in small batches,the ingredients are all perishable products and might get spoilt. I would sincerely advice you apply it at night,since these products work better when the skin is resting. Use a moisturizer and sun block or a product that has both such as Laurier Mercier,Philosophy Hope or Aveeno and others, during the day to protect the skin from UV rays, burns,scarring,thinning and darkening.

One of the best homemade facial masks you can
make is mud but I don't mean the mud from your back yard. Rather you can get the one from the beach,sea or ocean. The mud on the
bottom of the ocean is very fine-grained and would work better on the face
Most mud masks consist of mud or clay specifically
gotten from areas that have little contaminants like the sea. That's why they're generally not
considered harmful or pore-clogging. Most dermatologists believe that mud masks can help unclog skin pores. In fact, some people also use these masks to
help exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells.
Since oil and dead skin cells clog your pores and
cause acne, a mask may actually help prevent

You can combine mud and clay mask with other ingredients to provide some additional benefits
to your skin.
For example, masks with honey in
them can help increase the moisture content of
your skin, without making it oily [source: Sorgen].
If you have especially sensitive skin, you can look
for mud masks that contain ingredients like aloe
vera, witch hazel and jojoba oil -- these may help
soothe and heal the skin.

You can make these mud masks on your own and pamper your skin, free of charge from the comfort of your home.
1. Mix mud,aloe vera gel,rose water and oil(its best,you should use an oil according to it's function or the purpose of making the mask.
For moisturizing and toning- Rose or olive oil would do.
For acne-tea tree oil would be okay.
2.Mix mud, lemon/lime juice, yoghurt and honey to get a moisturising mask that lightens your skin and also keep acne and blemishes away.
3. Mix mud,egg yolk and milk thoroughly. Apply on your face and allow to sit for 10 minutes, then wash off.

Until my next post, remain blessed.

I came across this, while online. It's name caught my attention and I was like 'wth!'
Vampire facial!!!You mean vampires exist,as in....like...The Vampires Diaries or True Blood???
I started searching for information on this kind of facial.And........this is what I got.

Well this is one of the latest trend in face uplifting/facials. A "vampire facial" is a cosmetic procedure during which a doctor draws a couple
vials of blood from your arm, centrifuges the blood
to separate out the plasma and platelets from the
red blood cells, and then injects the platelet-rich
plasma back into your face. In other words, this procedure involves taking out some of your own blood from any part of your body, preferably your arm and injecting it back into your face. For extra absorption,
the doctor pokes your face all over with a bunch of
micro-needles before applying the plasma.

The idea behind blood facials is that they infuse
the skin with platelets, which contain growth
factors, which are known to be helpful in
wound healing,scarring and aging. The growth factors may stimulate new collagen
growth in the face. Collagen is the protein in skin
that keep the cheeks firm and taut. This procedure promises younger looking,wrinkle free skin. According to some reviews,dermatologists and Dr Charles Runnels(the brain behind the facelift procedure),it can last for over 3 months and more.
Needling the skin always has the risk of infection,
but that shouldn't be a problem if the procedure is done by a licensed
dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
Celebrities who have had this procedure includes, (top model), Bar Rafaeli and a host of top others.I know you are expecting me to mention Kim Kardashian but she didn't do a vampire facial as many people believe but a similar blood facial. Each procedure costs a whooping $1000 or more.
There are positive recommendations and reviews about this facelift all over the net but results may vary with each skin type.
And all treatments must be done by a licensed or registered dermatologist/plastic surgeon. Any other surgeon who does this procedure faces prosecution.
Hmm......so much for looking beautiful. Oh! I forgot to mention, there are no registered licensed vampire facelift provider in Africa, yet. The providers are limited even in the United States and it's environs.
Stay blessed until my next post.

She says she is no ageless beauty but what do you call a 56years old woman who looks this GORGEOUS?.... Am sorry to say this, Miss Stone but you are ageless.
She is on the March cover of shape magazine wearing a bikini in a my-oh-my(pardon my enthusiasm ) pose which she is famously known for.
She is one of the very few Hollywood celebrities who hasn't had any facelift.
Well, she credits her good ol' Irish genes for that. She also listed some factors responsible for her look.
She says she isn't on any diet,she eats well and takes healthy meals. She eats bread and is not a great fan of pasta. She avoids fried foods,cream sauces and drinks lots of water.
She doesn't smoke,drink or do drugs.
She also says exercise and yoga are one of the keys to her look.
In her words,'If you look after yourself and use GOOD products, you won't need surgery or other intervention'.
I certainly agree with you Miss Stone. I certainly hope to have your kind of look when I attain your age. Lolz.

We are in February, the month of love,so I thought..... which DIY skin recipe would be perfect for this month? And while strolling around the internet(winks)... and....voila!, I stumbled upon a recipe for rose flowers. I was surprised to learn that this flower could be so useful and could be an asset to one's skin care regime.
Usefulness of Rose Flower

Rose water could be used in place of ordinary water when cleansing your face at anytime of the day. It has moisturising and astringent properties .
It can be used as a cleanser as it helps unclog and tighten pores, reduces acne problems and inflammations.....
It can also be used as a toner as it hydrates the skin and prevents wrinkles..

How to prepare it.

Get a pot of water and some rose petals.
Trim the petals.
Place in the pot of water.
Boil for about 20 minutes.
Strain the liquid.
Allow to cool and place in a refrigerator.
You can use this water in different ways.
1. As a makeup removal-just add olive oil to it.

2. For treatment of acne and pimples- add lemon water to it.

3. Toner, moisturizer and facial mask-Mix glycerine and rose water together thoroughly and apply on face. Suitable for oily skin.

4. For dry skin- make a paste of crushed/grounded almonds and rose water. Apply on face.

5. For sensitive skin(Facial mask).
Mix rosewater, milk, honey,add some oat meal. Make a paste and apply on face.

These are simple recipes you can do on your own for a glowing skin.
So........anytime you come across these fragile beauties, pick a handful of them because you never know when you are gonna be in dire need of them.
I would really love to learn about your own rose water recipe. You can send me a reply or a message to my email address.

Enjoy .......


Glycolic acid is one of a group of acids known as alpha hydroxyl acids(AHA). It is naturally found in sugarcane and grapes.


1. It is used to improve the skin appearance and texture.
2. It is used to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring and hyper pigmentation.
3. It is also used to smoothen out uneven facial tone and other blemishes.


Side effects include
1. redness, stinging, skin sensitivity and tingling of the skin.
2. superficial peeling,light scabbing, swelling, sun sensitivity and skin irritation.
These conditions usually clear away within weeks of the procedure,but may last for several months.
Before any procedure,you should inform your dertamatoligist if you have a history of any skin problem or medical condition such as herpes, keloids,sun/wind burn in proposed area of treatment in the 2 weeks period prior to proposed treatment.


Glycolic acid works by clearing out dead skin cells which contribute to clogged pores and dull skin.


For beneficial and safe results, it is better to start with lower concentration of 20-40%,you can increase the level of concentration as you go for further treatments. Make sure each treatment is being done by a certified professional surgeon or dermatologist. I personally would not recommend over the counter treatments
The resultant effect is not usually worth the risk.
The skin must be moisturised and protected from the sun with a good sunscreen preferably one with SPF 30 and above, as any skin treated with glycolic acid is usually susceptible to burns and scarring.

In my search for a skin care product that lightens and nourishes the skin,I came across this product.It is produced by EMINENCE ORGANICS, one of the most trusted and reliable skin care products company.They provide top of the range ORGANIC beauty products.(U can imagine my excitement)...That means products made with natural ingredients.
Celebrities such as Thandie Newton,Jena Malone,Jillian Rose,Alicia Keys,Ludacris,Mya....... all swear by their products.(so excited....)
But one of their products caught my eye. And this is the Licorice Root Booster-Serum
Product Description:
Brightening extra strength
serum and product enhancer with Natural
Hydroquinone Alternative and Gigawhite™.
Skin Type: All skin types
Key Ingredients:
• Licorice: brightens and lightens the skin appearance
• Natural Hydroquinone Alternative Complex:it brightens the skin.
African potato and tara tree:anti oxidants and astrigents
• Lactic Acid: eradicates dead skin cells to
rejuvenate the skin tone ,texture and overall appearance.
• Gigawhite™: brightens the skin
• Stone Crop: hydrates and nourishes the skin.Useful for treating uneven
skin tones
• Lemongrass: tones and cleanses skin
• Biocomplex™: a booster of antioxidants, Vitamins
A, Ester C, E, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic
Acid; to reduce the appearance of wrinkles,fine lines and
improves the appearance of skin.
It comes in a 1oz/30ml dropper bottle.You can also go for the Bright Skin Set which consists of a moisturizer with sun protection,skin masque,cleanser and the serum.
So if you wanna lighten your skin the healthy way, just as the stars do.....
I never really understood the usefulness of honey until I bought a bottle of pure honey from the market.
I had some fresh! scars on my right  leg which I hated. So,I got some honey,dabbed a little of it on the scar,twice daily for two weeks.
At the end of the two weeks,no one believed I had a scar on that leg,the signs were reduced to the barest minimum.
Ever since then ,I started experimenting with it.
I used it as a scrub
I mixed half a teaspoon of salt,a drop of lime or lemon juice,and a teaspoon of honey.
I wet my skin and massaged in the mixture using circular movements over  my face, and allowed it to sit for 10 mins before rinsing it away with warm water.
I noticed my complexion became clearer and smoother.
Since I have an oily skin,it was also helpful, as it shrunk the pores. I could feel my skin breathing and the itching stopped.
This scrub gently removes dead and aging skin cells,improves your skin tone,reduces breakouts and spots.
I also used it as a mask
I took some fresh tomato paste and mixed it with a teaspoon of honey, I allowed it to to rest on my face for close to 20 mins before rinsing off.
Tomatoes are very useful in treating acne. It's juice can be used as a natural astringent.
Create your own facial with honey and I am sure you would be delighted with the results as I was.

I bought  my body wash sometime ago from a local retail store and I discovered the fragrance was different from the last one I used. I became suspicious of the product but decided to give it the umm.....benefit of the doubt bacause of the company's name.
But...alas...my biggest mistake. After a week, I noticed bumps on my face,then, whitish spots. Immediately I stopped using it,made use of Kustie facial scrub,Swissgarde's face wash and Tissue oil
A week later,no spot or bump,thank God.
But I made research on my body wash and discovered that the product was not listed as one of the company's products (www. olay.co.uk),rather a manufacturer used their name and there was another product with the exact same appearance but with a different name on the net.
So,right now,I am using the Swissgarde gold glycerine soap for my body until I get a good and original body liquid body wash. I learnt my lesson afterall.

A happy new year to all my wonderful readers.Last year was a bit stressful for me,hence it affected my blog. But this year,I have enough time for writing and I have decided to renovate my blog.
I would be writing on Swissgarde products, skin care issues, a little bit of fashion and style,skin care and facial products.Other stuff,I would be researching on and delivering to us, includes skincare routine and products of celebrities and your favourite gorgeous people around the world.
In other words,this blog is going to be one of your favourite, in months to come.
I would really love to hear from you and read your views on what you think of each post.
Love y'all.