One thing I love about Swissgarde is its easy marketing plan. Other networking companies would insist on you paying up to 75000 naira to become a registered distributor but in Swissgarde you become a registered distributor with just 15000 naira.                 
 With such little amount, you could be on your way to earning as much as 1000000 monthly depending on your determination to succeed in the business. I don’t think there’s any business in Nigeria that pays you such amount regardless of your certificate.
When people tell me they can’t do this business I ask them, do you want to work in another man’s company earning peanuts for the next 31 years of your life or do you want to live a successful, happy life earning millions for the next 31 years of your life”.  Well, they always choose the later option .You can’t blame them. Nobody wants to suffer all the rest of his life.
 Swissgarde is all about talking , talking and talking. Talking to the next person beside you about the wonders of Swissgarde whether in  a bus, church, market, school,  is the only thing you need to do to succeed in Swissgarde.   We call it  RITA  [Recruiting Is The Answer]. Like I said, talk and just talk. We all talk for 24 hours a day so why can’t we make money from talking.
Well, last year the members went on a holiday trip to South Africa and Paris, courtesy Swissgarde .This year South Africa , Bangkok and Thailand. Next year we would be cruising on the Mediterranean sea as we would be heading to Brazil. This is just one of the numerous incentives Swissgarde gives to its distributors. Others include , the monthly incentives on each product. It could be; buy one take one free , or discounts on each product ranging from 10% to 70%.Whats more the prices for each product are very low . ranging from 700-4000 naira. But the good news is that, the more you advance in Swissgarde , the lower the prices become for you.
There are just seven stages in Swissgarde. When you attain the fifth star, you become an achiever. From there you get inducted into the directors’ club. Remember, it’s not just you but the collective efforts of you and your team!
  I don’t think you would want to miss this golden opportunity. So pick up the phone and dial 08062915429, 07068297092 or send an email to .